Turbo Iroc - engine swap part 9 - engine block paint prep and engine bay masking

Yet another step closer to completion. The weather is super muggy and progress is slow, but I still might get all of this stuff painted by Sunday night. A few tricks in this video showing how to prep an engine block for paint including masking and spraying self etching primer. My neighbor came over and taught me a cool trick to speed up masking the block.

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Turbo Iroc - engine swap part 10 - Final engine bay masking for painting
What a job! FINALLY done with the masking. Paint next!

Turbo Iroc - engine swap part 8 - priming the cross member and firewall area
Now we're getting somewhere! Crossmember is primed along with areas of firewall that were rubbed down to metal.

Turbo Iroc - engine swap part 11 - engine bay and block painting base coat clear coat
The big event is here! After days of preparation, I finally get to paint the firewall and engine bay, as well as the block. Paint used is PPG Concept 9700 Black. Turned out decent for the conditions I was painting in (94 degrees and outdoors). Blinding sun and black hole dark 9700 is a tough thing to paint Iv'e learned!

Spray painting the intake manifold
I clean, degrease, and paint the intake manifold for my 1995 Saturn DOHC using Rustoleum high temperature engine spray paint. I am very pleased with the glossy finish and good coverage. Rust-oleum engine enamel is rated to 500 degrees. It's a good inexpensive way to fix up old looking parts. I found these on sale for $2/can but it should be availlable at most auto parts, hardware, and home improvement stores. http://www.rustoleum.com/CBGProduct.asp?pid=372 http://www.homedepot.com/p/202097275 http://www.walmart.com/ip/16816071