Bret Voelkel with RideTech Visits In The Garage w Bodie Stroud

Owner Bret Voelkel of RideTech teams up with Bodie Stroud and his NEW front end suspensions packages that are coming out this year 2013. BS Industries will be using RideTech's high quality shockwaves, coilovers and sway bars to give the best ride quality for his suspension kits. During Bret's visit to the shop he gives us his feedback about our air ride installation on the 1970 Chevelle we have in the garage and gives us some details to the products RideTech carries. If you would like an Air Ride or Coilover system for your pre-70's vehicle, give us a call! 818-768-7600

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Ridetech Shockwave Angle Brainstorm
I just received the Shockwaves for my 68 Dodge D100 project, and my goal is to keep as much of the rear end under the bed while keeping my desired ride height (low). Follow along as I talk it out.

RideTech Suspension install 67 Mercury Cougar Part 2 Front End
Part 2 Installing the front suspension . Ridetech Coil over suspension kit on our 1967 Mercury Cougar.

2010 SEMA V8TV Video Coverage: RideTech Coil Over Shock Systems, New Catalog - RideTech brought out some brand new coil-over shock systems featuring mono tube designs with tons of manufacturing innovations and cool features. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Chceck out: "​Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode #182: 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle LS6 454 - The Last One?" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Bodie Stroud at SEMA 2015 with his GTO Judge, Fairlane and Mustang
Bodie Stroud shows Kevin Tetz his cars at SEMA 2015 that you're gonna see being built in the History Channel TV Show American Restoration. Visit eastwood: Bodie Stroud has been building awesome cars for years - and you've seen him with Jesse James on Monster Garage - and now he has his own show on The History Channel called American Restoration where you can see him build some amazing cars, as well as some very rare ones. at SEMA 2015 Kevin Tetz and Eastwood caught up with Bodie Stroud at the Roush Booth to check out his Mustang as well as his Fairlane that was in front of Magnaflow and his GTO Judge that was at Wheels Vintiques. Bodie is definitely an Eastwood Guy! Just listen to the interview. His cars are built with Eastwood tools and feature Eastwood paints like Underhood Black. Eastwood - Since 1978. All the tools and supplies you need when you're restoring a car, truck or motorcycle, like welders, plasma cutters, blasters, powder coating supplies, metal fab tools, hand tools and more!