Mothug Doug first Turbo Hayabusa drag racing 2009

Mothug Doug first turbo Hayabusa drag racing, testing and tuning a few times at Edgewater getting the motorcycle to make 8 second passes in 2009... stay tuned for Mothug Dougs new turbocharged Hayabusa coming soon!

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Pro street turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle drag racing NHDRO 2011
Pro street turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle drag racing NHDRO 2011

Turbo Hayabusa vs Turbo Hayabusa 8.1 second pass at the drag strip!
turbo Hayabusa vs turbo Hayabusa 8.1 second pass at the drag strip! Watch Mothug Doug do a burnout in the pit and lines up against a faster bike and runs almost dead even with him! Doug posts up a 8.10@171mph vs the guy in the other lane running an 8.10@181mph making a good close race. RACING BLOG:

8 second Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R motorcycle drag racing 2014-2015
Check out Chris Doty on his all motor 8 second Kawasaki Ninja zx-10r motorcycle drag racing at the Nhdro series 2014-2015 taking out Suzuki's, Hayabusa's, zx14s and other liter bikes along the way! This is one bad all-motor bike with a best pass in the 8.6X zone at almost 160mph! This bike races in multiple classes including Street ET and grudge racing, and this video features many passes made by this bike during the 2014-2015 Nhdro racing season! If you like fast Kawasaki bikes, make sure you check out my channel:

Crazy 8's Kawasaki zx14 vs Mothug Doug nitrous Hayabusa NHDRO Muncie 7-15-12
Crazy 8's class Kawasaki zx14 vs Mothug Doug Nitrous Hayabusa NHDRO 7-15-12. Check out the final race to this Round 3 of 8.88 index "Crazy 8's" bracket racing class held at NHDRO Midseason Sizzle at Muncie Dragway summer 2012. Mothug Doug Gall wins this last race on his 2008 UNICRON Suzuki Nitrous Hayabusa versus Ben Knight and his 8 second Nitrous Kawasaki zx-14 motorcycle. To see these two pro riders face off against each other in STREET FIGHTER 9.50 index class of racing at the same event by clicking here: Please SUBSCRIBE to my channels for the most hardcore drag racing videos on youtube: