EVO X 5-speed manual max speed

EVO X hitting rev limiter in top gear. This is all she's got in 5th. Wish there was a 6th gear left though.

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EVO X 0-280km/h (stock motor(kelford cams), stock turbo)

Evo X MR - Shifting - Normal vs. Sport vs. S-Sport
Differences between shifting modes. Normal, Sport & Super Sport.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR Top Speed Run -GT6-
This is a stock 2007 Evo X, no upgrades at all. -276hp -2.0L turbo i4 -1540kg -4WD 6 Speed -Gran Turismo 6 Gameplay

Evo X Blow off valve (25 psi)
Car came back to life with the new Exedy Stage 1 clutch, hit 25psi , Stock blow off valve, Injen Intake, HKS cat back Exhaust, AMS test pipe, Greddy down pipe, Injen Intercooler piping, AMS Boost controler,