deer sucker punch well people tell me who cares if its a deer an antelope or a elk? i thought it was a kangaroo

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Angry ram finds 2 more victims.
Because of the worldwide interest in the fearless Arapawa ram who attacked the motorcyclist, we decided to track him down & see if we could get up close & personal. We came away with a few cuts & bruises. Want to help feed The Angry and family or buy more toys for him? Donations can be made to paypal address - Follow Angry Ram on Facebook for regular updates - bouc contre moto Баран против мотоциклиста Баран vs Мотоциклист Carneiro mal humorado ataca motociclista

You'll never see this twice!!!
One of the most unique things you will ever see in the Whitetail world!/pages/Dead-Zone-Outdoors-TV/124073222724

Wrong meeting?
They're devoted to keeping pure bloodlines, labeling "mixed breeds" as inferior, and creating a dominant "master race" that meets their prejudiced ideas of "perfection." The only things that the American Kennel Club is missing are the pointy white hats. Creative: Dan Neri and Scott Murray of Matter Director: Steven Tsuchida of Oil Factory Visit for more information.

confused deer
this deer was confused..