falling a bigger sugar pine

This was a big timber sale in Strawberry Valley, California. A lot of sugar pine in this part of CA. This tree was barely over 100 years old. Fast growing stuff.

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first 32' off a large sugar pine
Don't stand on the downhill side of this one!

springboard in a schoolmarm cedar
This was the best way to get this one down. The springboard was out of a small yew tree nearby

falling a nice second growth doug fir
This was in Sierra County, California on the north bank of Goodyears Creek. Some nice sticks came out of this sale. This one was leaning right were I wanted it to fall so no wedges or a jack needed. This was about 3.5 feet in diameter.

TKDT doing it up
This was on some on some pretty steep ground with really narrow strips. Lots of stream zones, few places to lay em down. We did a lot of jacking on this sale. NorCal in the summertime, gotta love it! Theo let me film him. Thanks dawg!