falling a bigger sugar pine

This was a big timber sale in Strawberry Valley, California. A lot of sugar pine in this part of CA. This tree was barely over 100 years old. Fast growing stuff.

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Bandit Model 1590, 1590XP, 18XP - 18" capacity drum chipper - our most popular!
www.banditchippers.com.au - Our intermediate drum chipper, this unit has become our most popular hydraulic-feed drum-style chipper. Features our oversized 37-inch diameter drum, nearly twice the diameter of the opposition's drums, and has a bigger throat opening: an amazing 19.75" x 20.5" (502mm x 521mm). This larger opening allows it to effectively compress limby and crotchy material. Two engine options are available - CAT 142hp diesel - or the big 6 cylinder 174hp CAT diesel with 905Nm of torque! The 18XP comes standard with Auto Feed Plus and the hydraulic winch to make the tough jobs easy. Features a huge infeed hopper that can effectively compress large amounts of brush and trees. This unit is also a great machine for fibrous material because material enters the feed system at a right angle, with the feed wheels positioned very close to the drum. We have another video of the 1590 chipping PALM TREE trucks and fronds on our YouTube Channel - check it out! The Model 1590XP has become popular among tree crews and Councils alike because of its large infeed hopper opening, compact size and huge chipping capacity. More info at www.banditchippers.com.au Ph in Australia - 1800 681733

Ponsse Ergo 8w Harvester im Starkholz
Ponsse Ergo, überwiegend im stärkeren Holz gefilmt, stellenweise auch schwächeres ;) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Forst-und-Technik/144316865646889

Cut Down a Tree
Basic procedure of how to "notch and drop" a tree.

Hydraulischer Fällkeil- unentbehrlich bei der Holzernte/ Demo...
Der Hydraulische Fällkeil wird nicht nur bei schwierigen Bäumen eingesetzt. Auch gerade stehende Bäume, insbesondere bei Starkholz, kann die eigentliche Keilarbeit stark reduziert werden. Der Fällkeil ist relativ schnell eingebaut und einsatzfähig. Siehe Video....