Ford V8 vs Mazda 13b Rotary N/A Battle

Front running cars: Mazda Rx7 - 13b rotary peripheral ported - running a weber carburettor Ford Capri - Bore'd out and worked 6.0 Litre V8 - running a Holley Carburettor BOTH CARS ARE ALL MOTOR, NO turbos OR Superchargers

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RX7 v V8 Commodore Bathurst 84 Alan Grice in his V8 Commodore chases Alan Moffat in his Mazda RX7 at Bathurst 1984

Onboard Ford Capri Turbo Zakspeed VERY LOUD WARNING
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Turbo ROTARY MAZDA RX7 vs Turbo and Nitrous V8s
The Bola de Humo Racing Rotary powered RX7 going rounds at the "States King of the Streets" class from the Hot Summer Nights event at MoKan Dragway. The car uses a 1.3 Liter 79ci Rotary Motor with an 88mm turbo. The car has been 4.90 in the 1/8 with a personal best of 7.70 @181mph in the 1/4 mile.Check them out on Facebook And check out Urban Hillbilly Videos

Capri 2.0S cosworth, 0-200 km/h and 100-230 km/h
This is my old capri 2.0S with cosworth 2.0 YB engine, t5 gearbox and atlas 3.44 + zf motorsport lsd rear axle. Earlier the engine gave 364 hp but after rebuild with wrc-pistons, long H-profile rods, ported head + bd16 cams it has not been Dynoed yet. Let´s see after turbo swap. The guitar player is my relative. His playing and this Deep Purple`s old song sounds good to me and hope you like it too.