1965 Pontiac Tempest tripower two door sedan

What a great muscle car! Beautiful paint and interior...the bench seat could seat 3 up front! 4 speed, tripower car. Nice to have the original air conditoning. This is a sleeper...I'm sure many would figure it to be a regular family car!

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1965 Tempest And 1969 Firebird Can Go As a Pair
The Tempest has a 326 V8 auto and is all original. For $2200 she would make for a cheap beginning of a tempestuous GTO clone. The flaming flyer has been assaulted quite a bit, as is evidenced in the video. The 400 V8 is missing a tranny that may be available from the owner, since he runs a transmission shop. $4200 is what is asked for her, or $6000 for both. The owner wants these gone and from his demeanor it was evident that he will barter some more.

In 1961 Pontiac, along with some other car makers, brought out a smaller and more fuel efficient cars to compete with the ever growing foreign car invasion of America. Pontiac's contribution was the Tempest. In 1962, the Tempest model included a Deluxe and LeMans trip options. In 1963, the Tempest LeMans was not it's own brand. In 1964, the Tempest had the LeMans model offered yet and now the Tempest G.T.O., an upscale Tempest was available. 1965 the Pontiac Tempest and the Tempest Custom, like this one shown, was available, and the Tempest LeMans again was offered as it's own brand, and the G.T.O. was under the LeMans umbrella. 1966 models included the Tempest, the Tempest Custom, the LeMans, and the Tempest G.T.O., all their own independent brands. Same platforms in 1967 although now there was the Tempest Safari, ad 4 door wagon. And again, the same platforms were offered in 1968 and 1969. 1970 brought about the Tempest, LeMans, LeMans Sport, and the G.T.O., and a wagon was tucked under the LeMans and LeMans Sport. Finally, I have to stop at the year 1971 which brought about the LeMans, - no more Tempest, but included the T-37, the Sport series, the G.T.O. plus the G.T.O. Judge series, oh yes, and a 4 door , 2 seater wagon. So, viewing this '65 Tempest Custom coupe, you can see one of the last hold-outs of a convoluted evolution of a single Pontiac brand. This hardtop coupe shown is one of 21,906 units and cost around $ 2,400 bucks new. Engines for just the Tempest include a 6, 215 cube with 140 bhp., V8's, 326 cube with 250 - 285 bhp. This example has the 326 engine. What a wonderful looking Tempest this is. Restored to factory specs this is a like-new-car-wonder. Thanks very much for viewing this 1965 Pontiac Tempest Custom coupe.

1965 Pontiac Tempest start-up, exhaust and story
This 1965 Pontiac Tempest is a car that's lived much of its life a quarter-mile at a time. The owner built it from a stock 326-equipped vehicle to a fire-breathing, big-block-powered dragster. Hear it run and find out a bit of what makes this car such a beast. Check out more of the car's story and photos here: http://bit.ly/1bJXcB1

64 Pontiac Tempest Sleeper xe284 Walk Around
400ci, headers, torker intake, holley hp950, ported heads, comp xe284 cam, ignitor III ignition, 2.5" strait pipes