Starlet Gt Turbo SSQV

Toyota Starlet gt turbo - Running: GarageEP Filter relocation - GarageEP De-cat Downpipe - HKS Nurspec R system - HKS SSQV 2nd Gen.

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Starlet GT turbo cruising in Northern Wales
Here we have a 160BHP, stripped, light weight Toyota Starlet GT driving in North Wales, featuring a Civic Type R and 350Z. You will get a good feel for what the roads are like, the scenery and what to expect if you were to go visit North Wales.

Toyota Starlet GT Turbo Crash
What happened when me and my mate john took his tuned starlet out to make a video to put on here down roads we didnt know.

Toyota Starlet Twin Engine
Toyota Startlet 1200hp Twin Engine Twing Gearbox custom build from Norway.

starlet gt turbo on the rollers
starlet gt turbo on roling road, 140bhp and 130lbft torque, lots of bit but standard Boost, lot more to come :)