Starlet Gt Turbo SSQV

Toyota Starlet gt turbo - Running: GarageEP Filter relocation - GarageEP De-cat Downpipe - HKS Nurspec R system - HKS SSQV 2nd Gen.

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Starlet GT Turbo EP82 & Abarth 500 Hindhead Tunnel Run
Just me in my ep82 Toyota starlet gt and my dad in his abarth 500 going through the new Hindhead tunnel, it's filmed in the starlet and apologies for the camera man shooting the dash rather than the road! My starlet is a 1995 quad light, and has a hks Exhaust (one of the quiet ones!) hks ssqv, front mount Intercooler, tom's body kit, rays cal choppy alloys, upgraded brakes & pads and kyb shocks (soon to be coilovers). Everything else is standard. The abarth is completely standard and is not the esseesse version.

Starlet Gt Turbo Stage 1 Mods
Starlet Gt turbo - Short clip showing EP82 with stage one mods:- GarageEP Filter Relocation kit. GarageEP De-cat Downpipe. HKS Adjustable actuator set at .7 bar HKS SSQV 2nd Generation. Blitz Nur Spec R Cat back Exhaust. *** ROTA Grid 15 x 6.5 Bronze Yokohama Parada Spec 2's 195/50/15 Blitz Mirror Drive Boost gauge Jam Racing Gear Knob Momo 360mm Steering wheel

Toyota Glanza V Turbo GTX30 2.20Bar 431.1bhp - Weekend Teaser!
Car is finally on the road! Another quick teaser of what it sounds and goes like now! It is an absolute fucking weapon, that's putting it politely. More videos to follow! The gearbox was nearly completely screwed in these shots. 2nd gear was very difficult to engaged! So excuse the slow changes into 2nd! The gearbox is now out of the car, being rebuilt!

Toyota Starlet GT Turbo Crash
What happened when me and my mate john took his tuned starlet out to make a video to put on here down roads we didnt know.