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Super chargeed VW

Noels Latour's 67 Sedan with Kendrick's super charger


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1966 Dick Landy supercharged VW Beetle
This is an 1835CC DP with the CB perf. offroad special cam. I purchased the DLI kit complete off a running drag bug for $1500, installed it on my engine and fired it up. I only ran it briefly since it is wicked overdriven, (18-20PSI Boost) and I can only run it on race fuel for $12/gal. Plus at the time I didn't have a way to tune it so I didn't want to mess up the engine. I have no idea what the timing and A/F are. I would estimate the HP at around 200 or so.

Super charged 2332 cc Hot Vw Volksrod
Hot Vw's cover car a 1950 Volsrod with 2332 blown DLI blower and holley 750 double pumper.

vw bug beetle turbo
vw bug beetle turbo

Busterjohn on the chassis dyno with NOS
Doing a hard pull on the chassis Dyno on a 70 HP shot of N2O

Simpson Racing Engines Blown 2332cc
Super charged 2332cc blown motor first start up.

Supercharged VW Bug
First start of a supercharged 1972 VW Bug

v8 vw bug
1956 bug 871 blower

Supercharged VW Beetle
1963 VW Type 1 Supercharged 2276cc

1950 oliver 4.53 Detroit
Dallas Roberts Spencer co. Ky

Dick Beith 1961 36hp Landspeed record
Dick Beith, a high school teacher from Concord, California. Last year Beith spent 55 cents preparing his '56 VW for the Nationals; this covered the cost of a used, second carburetor and of the tubing with which to attach it to the engine. He set the just-mentioned ETS record at 77.107. This year he went all out, investing in a 69.5 mm EMPI strokeI kit and camshaft and a Pepco Rootstype blower. He ported the cylinder heads generously and installed oversize Studebaker valves. To drive the blower he went to a bicycle shop and bought a few dimes' worth of chain and the smallest big sprocket and the largest small sprocket that he could find. This happened to give him a ratio of 2.2 to one which turned out to be just right even though it whirled the blower rotors at 12,000 rpm when the engine was turning 5000. Beith drove the VW to the Salt with the blower chain removed, just letting the rotors windmill in the air stream. Then he snapped the master link in place and clocked 93.97 mph on his first run. Further tuning during the week enabled him to set a new ETS record of 101.69 mph www.eircooled.com

TaMiKe in Slug's Dyno Day #3
TaMiKe's supercharged 1.6L VW Beetle endurance car. Wheel Power 103 hp Torque 188 nm Engine specs: http://www.porvwoo.fi/Project-Eaton-M45.php

supercharged bug
got bored with my 1200cc motor, so deemus the genius and i decided to do this

Subaru Engine Conversion / Swap Turbo Powered Bug VW Beetle BugaRu
Sold Ryan & Jenn. See my other Videos for full pics of this Custom SEMA Car. If interested contact me for more info. 300+ HP Subaru STi SOHC Inter-Cooled turbo Engine 1st time Start Run in 1956 VW Oval Window Beetle it's a Bugaru

Simpson Racing Engines. Blown 2332 in car. Ohio Tom Simpson

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