Ultimate Off-road Shifter.AVI

Video of operation of B&M Megashifter modified by BillaVista. Read the complete article at: http://www.billavista.com/tech/Articles/Ultimate_Offroad_Auto_Shifter/index.html See all my articles at: http://www.billavista.com/index.html

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The "TwisterShifter" by Kilduff for Trucks and Benchseats
Great for bench seat cars and trucks. The throw is only 12" with a 20" handle. The shifter handle in twisted 90 degrees to give more gate area in the front to back motion. This prevents skipping. Also, the twisted handle allows for bending in 2 planes. Can ratchet too.

Dominator mud truck Go Pro
2012 Crown mud bog Memorial Weekend Go pro footage

FR1 Shifter, Designed for Off road
Here is an overview of the new shifter I have been working on, name: FR1. This will allow you to go from any fwd gear to reverse with one move. There are also stops for all the fwd gears so you can still bang through the gears. Hope to be producing soon.

TCI Outlaw Shifter
Shifter TCI Shifter Outlaw All the TCI® Outlaw™ Shifter not only ensures that you find the right gear when you need it but delivers great looks as well. Constructed of billet aluminum with a pistol grip shifter and black-anodized cover with an optional quick release setup, the Outlaw™ Shifter is durable enough to handle both street and race-duty applications. The Features a Park/Neutral safety switch along with provisions for a reverse light system It is designed for GM Powerglide & most popular GM, Ford & Chrysler 3- & 4-speed transmissions Includes 5' of heavy-duty shift cable & all hardware 3-Speed reverse pattern