Ultimate Off-road Shifter.AVI

Video of operation of B&M Megashifter modified by BillaVista. Read the complete article at: http://www.billavista.com/tech/Articles/Ultimate_Offroad_Auto_Shifter/index.html See all my articles at: http://www.billavista.com/index.html

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200-4R Valve Body and Misc. Parts Installation
Continuing and finishing, well, at least on the bench, this part of the story of a 200-4R automatic transmission to be placed on a '30's era Ford. Valve body, separator plate, check balls, 2nd servo pin adjustment and unit installation, 3-4 accumulator placement are covered here.

B&M megashifter Mounted in car.
now onto the wiring after this.

Turbo Action SCS Cheetah Shifter Install Part 3
1965 Plymouth Belvedere shifter install. Pardon the inacurate suggestion that the reverse lockout works both directions.

PCS Paddle Shifter Installation
The GSM-5000 and PS-2000 from Powertrain Control Solutions can add paddle and push button shifting capability to any traditional non-electronic controlled automatic trans. We install both on Project Laguna's 700R4.