How To Change A Car Battery

This is a DIY video tutorial on 'How to Change a Car Battery'. I videoed my father helping me change my car battery a few years ago to serve as a reminder for me when I need to change it! :D

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How to change a car battery safely Help and advice on the best practice to fit a new car battery.

How to Replace a Car Battery - A simple video on how to Replace your Vehicle's Car Battery. Please visit my website for more advice, tips, and general auto advice. If you have any questions or concerns it would be best to send me an email via my website. I try to check comments on this video but may not see the question unless you directly send me an email. If you got value out of my video and it helped you change your own car battery, I'd appreciate it if you used my Amazon affiliiate link: This will help me make more DIY auto repair videos in the future and not cost you anything. My Auto Blog: RSS: Follow me on Twitter: My Singing Dogs: Twitter: Facebook: how to replace a car battery replacing a car battery install a car battery how to install a car battery how to install and remove a car battery removing a car battery installing a car battery replace car battery replace a car battery interstate battery interstate batteries how to replace a car battery on a chyrlser van how to replace a car battery on dodge caravan chrysler town and country town and country dodge caravan 97 town and country battery problems car does not start car not starting car cranks but doesn't start starter problems car starter

How To Change Your Car Battery
Rob from MicksGarage demonstrates how to safely remove and replace the battery in your car. At MicksGarage we stock a wide range of Premium batteries for all makes and models of car and light commercial Shop online at Follow us: Subscribe to the MicksGarage channel: Visit our website:

Knowing When Your Car Battery Needs to Be Replaced
Auto Talk 101: Signs Car Battery Needs Replacement - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Age is the biggest one. If your battery is more than four or five years old, it is time to at least consider replacing it. You do not have to wait till you are stranded and you go up there and your car will not start. Another thing that people do not realize is that really hot weather is just as hard on a battery as really cold weather. People are used to the winter being a time when batteries fail, but batteries fail a lot when we get into that first high heat, upper 80's, 90's of summer. I sell a lot of batteries in late June and early July because of that. So if you know the age of your battery, you do not have to wait till you are stranded. If you open your hood and there is a lot of corrosion on your battery terminals, that is another possible indicator that the battery is getting old. There are other things that can cause that as well, but that is a good thing. Batteries normally have a date on them somewhere. Sometimes that is easier to see than others, but if you can see the date or the date has been stamped out on the top you can tell how old it is. If you get to the point your car is not starting, it is cranking really slowly, things like that, then you know it is urgent. But a lot of times you can catch it, you know, a few weeks before you get stranded and save yourself that hassle.