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1997 Mercury Mountaineer Exhaust

Just got it as a first car, 5.0 v8, All wheel Drive i love it


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1997 Mercury Mountaineer AWD
1997 Mercury Mountaineer AWD born on 7/24/97 first year they were made. Manufacture date 7/97 Included an extra segment on why the Differential Pressure Feedback EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculator) Sensor goes bad. I tried to show the white residue inside the vacuum lines which is corrosion caused by moisture. There is a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) for Ford, Mercury and Lincoln SUVs for that sensor because it was originally manufactured with aluminum which corrodes in the presence of moisture and is a common cause for the check engine light of said vehicles to illuminate. The new sensors are now plastic and have the vacuum lines much further apart. On the 5.0 Liter engines, you will find this sensor next to the intake manifold and the transmission dipstick between the engine and firewall. Takes 5 minutes to change with right tools. The screw next to the transmission dipstick is the hardest to get to and will require an extension. I replaced the EGR(DPFE) sensor, that is why I am showing the old one in my video.

1997 mercury mountaineer for sale awd 5.0.AVI
see video or website for more information and current pricing

Supercharged Mercury Mountaineer 2
Supercharged Mercury Mountaineer 5.0 V8! Lowered, Saleen 18x9 wheels, locked rear-end, and Exhaust. http://www.explorerexpress.com http://www.explorerforum.com/

2006 Mercury Mountaineer V8
For Sale

Gibson SS exhaust Mercury Mountaineer 5.0L 302 start and drive
A quick startup and backing into the driveway. There wasn't many videos for this Exhaust when I was trying to make my decision, hopefully it will help someone else decide too like it or hate it. I'm very happy overall, and once I installed my CAI it sounds even better now.

Flowmaster Super 44 exhaust on my V8 Mountaineer
This is a quick vid of my Exhaust that i had put on my Mountaineer a few weeks back.....the vid doesn't do the sound justice it is way louder in person Setup: 5.0 V8 Super 44 Flowmaster muffler 2.5 inch tail pipe everthing is stock before the second cats all 4 cats still on

Supercharged Mercury Mountaineer Burnout Boosted Mountaineer
A supercharged Mercury Mountaineer with Brodix Racing heads, Precision Industries Torque Converter, a custom set of Torque Monster Headers, Full Comp Cams kit, Manley Push Rods, 4.10 gears, custom lowered suspension, Fiberglassed dashboard with Clarion NICE, DVD, GPS and much more.

Transmission Problems (Mountaineer/Explorer)
I own a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer and I have been experiencing some tranny problems with it. My transmission refuses to shift past 45 mph causing a lot of problems for me. According to many auto review websites this car and the Ford Explorer counterpart are not strangers to this sort of problem.

2000 Mercury Mountaineer 5.0 V8 AWD
M & S Auto Sales & Masters 1577 Merrick Road Merrick, NY 11566 516-543-4600 http://www.MSAutoMasters.com

Ford Explorer Side Exhaust
My 1997 ford explorer with new side Exhaust I put on the 5.0 v8. I made this for the explorer forum: http://www.explorerforum.com List of modifications: -Spectre cold air intake -Sct tuner 3015 tuned on 87 octane tune -Straight piped side exit Exhaust -Torque Monster Headers...love them.. -5% window tint -Two 12inch MTX Jackhammers powered by a Rockford Fosgate amp -Pioneer head unit -20 inch Ultra Hustler 431 Wheels wrapped around 275 55 r20 General Grabber tires. -My explorer has the GT-40p heads. Some Pre-1997's didn't come with them. I got lucky.

1996 Ford Explorer XLT 5.0 V8 In Depth Tour, 0-60, & Test Drive - 191K
Just an In-Depth Tour of my 1996 Ford Explorer XLT 2WD 5.0L V8. Had lots of request over the past 3 years so I finally made 1. For the 0-60, go to 5:20 Not bad for $500 but I only got it in this price 3 years ago cause of the $5 a gallon fuel prices. I first got it with 158k & now has 191K. Pretty much just normal Maintenance over the years. Probably the biggest expense was Tires cause My Neighbor has a 2005 Sport Trac & a 1989 Ford Bronco II. He was selling his Bronco for $800 & was about to put on the stock 16" Alloy's from his Sport Trac onto the Bronco. When he saw me outside, he asked if I wanted them. I said sure And I gave him the Stock 15" wheels from my Explorer for him to put onto the Bronco which looks better with them anyways & the 16's are now on my truck & it looks better too. Cause of that, the ride has improved greatly & it completed rid a driveshaft vibe my truck had. So yeah, it has 191k & the engine, transmission, differential, Interior, Everything is just perfect. Don't see Y I should get rid of it with such perfect shape & for what I got it for. Not too concerned over the MPG's cause on Straight Highway driving, I can get 20.5MPG+ and that driving around 72 MPH. Plus it's not used full time so it just doesn't hurt to use it on occasion. Unless I Do anything else to this truck, I guess this will be the final video I post of it as I've pretty much covered it enough over the years.

Supercharged Mercury Mountaineer, 'Boosted Mountaineer'
A supercharged Mercury Mountaineer with Brodix Racing heads, Precision Industries Torque Converter, a custom set of Torque Monster Headers, Full Comp Cams kit, Manley Push Rods, 4.10 gears, custom lowered suspension, Fiberglassed dashboard with Clarion NICE, DVD, GPS and much more. Boosted mountaineer, sound sensations

Fixing a exhaust manifold leak on a ford f150
This video covers some basics about replacing Exhaust manifold gaskets. The replacement/repair of the egr tube is also covered. The subject vehicle is a 1992 f150.

2002 Mercury Mountaineer AWD V8 Start Up, Rev, & Quick Tour - 99k
Start Up & Rev of a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer AWD V8. This truck has a 4.6L SOHC V8 Churning 240 HP while paired to a 5 Spd auto. This truck had 99k & I think it's the best sounding explorer/mountaineer V8 of the 2002-2005 generation that I've ever heard. Engine revved smoothly. Doesn't seem to have a rev limiter either cause I took it passed 5500 RPM. This engine is used in many other Fords like the Lincoln Town Car, Crown Vic, Mustang, & etc.

98 Mountaineer 5.0l V8 Flowmaster 40 series w/secondary cats removed
Exhaust clip, 5.0 V8 secondary cats removed flowmaster 40 series 2.5in dual inlet 2.5 single outlet, stock tail pipe w/no resonator and tip Free revs and under load (in gear)

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