New Blyton Park Circuit

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Blyton Drift Day 27th Feb Toyota MR2 Turbo
Drift practise day. Search "MR2 Drifter" on driftworks for car spec

Here is a mini highlights compilation from the recent British Supermoto Championship round at Blyton Park Raceway in Lincolnshire. I am so proud to have this amazing sport on my channel - it is the first time I have ever been to see this sport, or even seen it on TV. It deserves to be a much bigger deal than it actually is! THE ONLY PROBLEM WITH THE DAY FOR ME WAS THE REALLY POOR VIEWING OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE AT THIS VENUE - THIS VIDEO COULD HAVE BEEN AMAZING, BUT HAS BEEN RESTRICTED BY THE POOR ACCESS TO VARIOUS PARTS (MOST) OF THE CIRCUIT. When you think of Supermoto you think of those great head on photos of the riders "backing in" to the bends, which were just impossible to capture at this venue. What a pity! In December there will be a new compilation from the 3 Sisters Supermoto round that took place during the London 2012 Olympics - and it is a monster I promise you !

Tom Bendell Blyton Park Class 8 Autograss Special Onboard
Onboard with Tom Bendell ARD Class 8 Autograss Special at Blyton Park 24th Sept 2011.

Rallycross Crash - BMW E30
Last corner crash at Blyton Park Rallycross circuit