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Pressurized Running Water on Jeep Wrangler JK
Using the stock bumper and a water pump from a RV, I now can have pressurized running water built into my jeep! Great for washing down after offroading and mudding, along with anything else you can come up with! I use the stock rear bumper to hold the water, and it holds over 7 gallons!

Walking the Crawler up the famous Cadillac Rock, Rubicon Trail
This is done by a professional, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS YOURSELF. When asked if Marlin could "Walk the Crawler" up Cadillac Rock, he said, "of course!" I've never seen anyone attempt this myself and I must say it was quite impressive to say the least!! This was done in 11th gear at a Crawl ratio of 128:1. Truck is a 1980 Toyota Longbed with a 1996 Tacoma 3RZ-FE 4cyl engine and a triple Marlin Crawler Billet Ultimate Overkill transfer case system with PTO. More information may be found at Marlin Crawler's website at and on their online community forum at

Rubicon Rock Crawl
2008 Jeep Rubicon With a 4" Currie Suspension Lift and 35" Pit Bull tires Crawling over some challenging ground.