Supercharged Escalade-10,000 Watt system Gator Interior

Older footage of Chickens Caddy Ext the Rezcalade..All Zapco amps including 2 massive 4KW amps. 4 15" RE MT subs Rockford Fanatic Q mids/highs. Tons more, too much to mention. Visit my site to see it all

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15,000 Watt Car amp..Rockford Fosgate T15k Hybrid Technology
some people just dont understand how this amp works. It is VERY powerful....16,000 watts RMS and also SUPER clean, one of the cleanest car amps EVER made. The engineer Tony D from Rockford explains how it works. Also a little clip of the "wall of subs" added to the end. We are currently putting 2 of these in my buddys Escalade and there are tons of vids showing the progress of that project.

Supercharged Cadillac Rezcalade EXT 10,000 Watt ZAPCO System
This is a project i finished back in 2006. It is Chickens '04 SMD Cadillac "Rezcalade" EXT. As seen in the pages of Truckin' Magazine September 2006. Click this link to see it http://www. Its a long story, but basicly Chicken hit a curb so hard with this SUV, it folded the wheel like a taco (search "taco job 26" on youtube) and destroyed 2 wheels. They were out of production and we couldn't find replacements anywhere. It took about a year of us debating what to do next before i realized, like a dummy, that they are 3 piece 26's. That means as long as the center is good, the rim is fixable! I had both of the wheels repaired by my wheel guys at AZA ( ) So after replacing the wheels, i got him some new tires. Kumho Tires SUCK so i got Pirelli 30/26's for it. I also replaced all the rear batteries and the front one with a XS Power D3100 ( ) . The old alternators were removed and replaced with Mechman Alternators, 300 amps each. Also used was a new Gates HD belt - a MUST for multiple H.O. Alt situations. I tuned the system with the new DD-1 and for now, its back to normal. We plan on doing more, but only time will tell. The reason its being flatbedded, because i know someone will ask (yes, even after i said it twice in the video) is because i cant drive two cars by myself. Its easier for us just to call our boys at Tow Pro and transport it. For now, its back home, running nice, sounding good......and Chicken is happy. The system Consists of: Pioneer Headunit Audio Control Processing 2 Zapco 4kw Amps 1 Zapco C2K 4.0 4 RE MT 15" Subs Rockford Fosgate Mids/Highs 2 Mechman 300amp Alternators 5 XS Power D3100 Batteries Alligator/Suede Interior Lexani 26" Wheels Pirelli Tires Baer 6 Piston Brakes MagnaCharger Supercharger Subscribe for more! Thanks! Also, dont forget to check out my website! Join the forum today and be part of one of the BIGGEST car audio websites on earth! More to come! Facebook Page here: Follow:

4 350+ Amp Alternators in Chevy Tahoe vs Autozone Alt Tester
I was at autozone when i had this idea...i should get this guy to "diagnose" my "Alternator" and see if its working good. He drug his machine out to test "it" for me...he couldnt put a load on it big enough to change anything and called out his manager. It took a few minutes for him to realize what was happening and how many alts were in the car. Needless to say my "alt" passed :) Irragi Alts FTW!

Tremendous Bass 8 - wasnt THAT loud, till he hit the button
Ok heres the story, im chillin in the intersection down the street from my house waiting for the light and then this SUV in front of me decides he wants to bump his **** you KNOW i had to let him have it. Well i fired up a gucci mane song "pyrex pot" and it took a few seconds before the beat hit, but in the meantime the highs was' tickin pretty hard. So i look over and i got the attention of some brothas in the gas station on the corner and i just shake my head and acknowlege the battle thats about to happen when this beat drops. So you know the song kicked in and i shut that dude down HARD in front of me and he sped off. I didnt get it on tape because i wasnt prepared and i didnt think much of it anyway. Well one of the brotha's from the gas station comes over to my window trippen and he wants to hear that **** you KNOW I pulled into the parking lot and showed it to them Even had an old lady in another car **** her pants damn near haha Do i need to keep going with this story ? see this and many more vids just like it at