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NightmareTA - 1986 trans am w/ heads & cam 355

My 86 TA in the process of tuning. These are a few quick driving clips. Motor is a 355 with heads, XR276 cam, and mini ram. www.neCamaro-firebird.org


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A Tribute To The Third Generation TransAm
3rd gen

1986 Trans Am For Sale
SBC 350 with big cam, and all the toys

pontiac firebird Trans am GTA 355 forged build
this is my newily built forged block that my dad and i built..... i currently have 269 miles on the block and 539 miles on the built transmission... sounds much better than stock and runs alot faster than a stock tpi. sounds alot better in person. the camera just can't capture the incredile sound this car has.. i can feel the vibrations of the Exhaust from behind... definetly a fun daily driver.... down below are my mods that i bought and assembled with my dad.. its currently on a stock tune and i should have it tuned by the end of may.... Engine: fresh bored .30 over 4 Bolt Main Vortec Block 10243880 Gm cast Block Blueprinted Performance build ( bored with thrust plates) 10.3 to 1 Compression Milodon Main Cap Bolts Eagle 5140 Forged Steel "SIR" Lightweight Connecting Rods ARP Rod Bolts Eagle 4340 Forged steel crank Upgraded Clevite 77 H Bearings Kieth Black Hypereutectic -12cc dished pistons dura-bond hi performance coated cam bearings Pioneer heavy duty brass freeze plugs Internally Balanced Eagle rotating assembly (rated at 650 horsepower) Elgin Lifters Melling 10553 Oil pump L98 Oil Pan K&N Oil Filter ARP headbolts Rebuilt L98 heads with manely springs, retainers, screw in studs SA performance double timing chain GM LT4 HOT Cam 218/228 .492"/.492" 112 LSA Comp Cams 1.5 roller tip rockers Induction/Fuel Delivery: Fully ported and Siamesed Plenum, egr walls grinded down Fully Ported and Siamesed SLP Runners port matched to Plenum Edelbrock Ported Highflow Intake port matched to runners SLP's CAI with K&N air filter and SLP's special modded intake hoses IAT relocated to SLP CAI box 48mm throttle body with Airfoil SVO 24lb Injectors Heated O2 sensor Crane's AFPR set at 47psi Drivetrain/Suspension T56 six speed transmission 9 bolt Borg Warner 3.27 gears aluminum DriveShaft Exhuast: Hedman longtube Street headers Custom 3" y-pipe Catco highflow Gutted converter Flowmasters 80s series 3.5 inch catback Ignition: New distributor MSD 8.5 super conductor wires accel Super coil MISC: 150lb weight reduction PCM4less tune rev limiter set at 5500rpms New belt Tenisoner and pulley AC delete pulley New delco Alternator New Delco Powersteering Pump New Delco steering Gearbox 160 thermostat Throttlebody Bypass delete Oil Cooler delete dirverter valve delete cruise control Delete Washer fluid Delete Cold Start Delete Cat Delete AC delete EGR delete Heater valve delete Air delete smog delete Vats delete New harmonic balancer LT1 mini Starter Heavy duty flywheel Performance radiator High flow water Pump

Smallblock 355 idle and rev
355 idle and rev to 6000rpm love that prostreet sound . 292 comp cam package

1987 Trans Am 355ci TPI first drive...
This is a short vid of my 87 Trans Am after I finally got the engine running right. Before it would not idle but I figured out I had the valve spring rocker arms tightened too tight. It is a 355ci small block chevy with crappy truck heads along with a LT1 cam and a Tuned Port Injection intake manifold. Exhaust is Flowmaster, but I do not know what series. When the car is near the phone/camera, you can hear the loud hissing coming from the engine sucking in all that air! This is the first drive since I removed the 305 so I am still getting used to the pedal with power! The smoke is from the injectors running a bit rich since I had the fuel pressure turned up a bit high. This is also a good vid to see my sequential tailights!

86 IROC camaro true duals, longtubes, x-pipe
this is my buddy's 1986 IROC with an Exhaust sytem that i built. has iron L98 heads, roller cam, hedman longtubes, x-pipe and dual flow-master knockoffs.

FOR SALE-1986 Pontiac Trans AM Flowmaster (FOR SALE)
1986 Trans AM 305 Flowmaster with Cats. SOLD

1986 Trans Am with a 350
this is my car been working on her over the years almost ready.. but so my son...he is almost old enough to drive it...oh oh..well here is the first clip working on more..Hope u like it Devin..Miss ya!!

55 Chevy 210 2 dr Hardtop, 355 sbc with 60104 Lunati VooDoo cam
55 210 2 dr Hardtop, 357 sbc 10:1 compression, 4150 Holley, 60104 Lunati VooDoo cam, Mallory Ignition, Muncie M22 4 sp, 12 bolt posi w/4:10's, 4 wheel disc brakes.

G92 Firebird Formula - WS6 Trans Am (3rd Gen)
Performance F-bodies of the late '80s - early '90s... special option WS6, G92, L98 & the rare 1LE optioned 3rd Generation Factory Road Racers, produced to compete with the Saleen Mustangs of the era... Most car guys don't know much about the 5.0 G92 5-speed cars from 90-92, with 230hp from the factory, 5-speed tranny and 3.42 gears, these 3rd Gen F-body sleepers like the G92 optioned WS6 Formula V8 gave the lightweight 5.0 Mustang absolute hell. In 1990 the G92 option code became a full performance package rather than simply a rear axle option as in previous model years... GM also offered an answer to the Saleen Mustangs by way of option 1LE, which consisted of the G92 optioned without A/C and other creature comforts, and the addition of Corvette brakes and other road racing equipment. For more info on these rare optioned Camaro & Firebird, check out my website http://www.streetshowdriftdrags.com/Camaro.html or the Mustang guys can check out http://www.Mustang-Town.com Produced by John (Trae) King @ nedaCFilms and http://www.Mustang-Town.com with background beats produced by Rick Clarke (aka: Rickvanman) @ "Free Music from: Music4YourVids.co.uk"

colin's car 1
85 trans am, 355 cu, comp 286 magnum cam, sportsman ported heads, 10.2:1 comp, hopin to dip the 12's

1986 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

84 Trans Am exhaust 305 LG4
Exhaust Sound, internal and external. Exhaust mods include Flowtech headers and Flowtech Y-pipe, high flow cat, 2.5" pipe from cat to muffler, Flowmaster 40 muffler with 2.5" tips

1991 Formula Firebird WS6 0-60 0-100 Acceleration & Walkaround
Just a brief video of my new Firebird. Has a brief walkaround and a little 0-100 pull at near WOT with a very babied launch (tranny is still being broken in so I'm being easy on it) 350 TPI with 57,000 miles on it pulled out of a 92 firebird (245 crank ponies stock) Has a intake/chip/mild cam/Exhaust/global west subframe connectors backed by the WS6 suspension. Tranny has a B&M Shift Kit. Body of the car has 120,000 on it - odometer reads different because the current gauge cluster which is a 140mph cluster was swapped in for the old 120mph one. I'm basically enjoying driving it for a few months before I put it into winter storage and begin working to restore/fix the worst parts of the car - basically being the floorpans and the interior. Have seat covers for the seats now but am going to pull the leather seats out of a 4th gen fbody to replace the current ones. Needs a few other minor things - going to fix some rust as well. Overall, I bought it for $2700 - I can't complain!

trans am 3rd gen vs 4th gen
I beat up on my buddy's 4th gen NOS powered TA with my turbo TA @ 23psi

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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