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Ca Speedway 66 Furyous Physics Burnout - 1/4 Mile Drag

Man this was fun! My machine is geared more for top end - than for acceleration, but being the only classic cruiser at the strip drew a lot of attention. Thrust over to my channel and view this vehicle performing more of what she enjoys - evasive maneuvers and high speed runs (up to 142mph). While you are there, ride along in other vintage machinery on the go and scan my encounter with the publishing industry. The Fury seen in this video is an essential element of a Police Officer's character in the fast- paced novel Seven Skins (now sprinting from the gate on SCRIBEWORX.NET).


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Aprilia Futura Southern California Speedway
A run around SoCal.

1966 Plymouth Fury III - 11.84 @ 112...
1.70 60' Drag race vs a stock Camaro...

Applied 66 Furyous Physics - 180 Forward Slide
Check-out "Almost 2 Tons of a Furyous About-Face" to see a reverse 180 slide (J turn).This is how Officer Pruitt's driving flair is exhibited in the virulent novel Seven Skins(now drifting at SCRIBEWORX.NET). Pruitt uses this vintage machine to the utmost, while propeling the cast through the mayhem of a torturous resurrected curse. As for this Plymouth Fury VIP, you can examine her specs and ride along with her at 142 mph on a dry lakebed in the El-Mirage Furyous video series on my channel. The resolution is a little crude in the first three, but the sound and overall effects are exhilerating. More from this cruiser to come.

Space Invader Shuttles Thru Los Angeles - Quite The Endeavor...
10/13/2012 The Space Shuttle Endeavor inches along Crenshaw Ave and Martin Luther King Blvd, on her final Journey to The California Science Center. It took me from 1:30 PM - straight through 6:30 AM the following day (napping in the car) to get this footage and then just as darkness fled - drove my 66 Fury home 80 miles. - It was worth it, and I thank the 7-11 Gods across the street for sustaining me. Is ice coffee a food group? Dairy, beans, must be good. People were awesome and the diverse crowd had a prevalence of goodwill - even with hrs of delays and false starts. I heard someone there say "space travel brings us all together", just as joining forces against a hostile space race always does in the movies. An interesting correlation exists there... Ending on a light note, - I found it amusing that at the opening of this video, a detached sign pole could be evidence of the famous Johnny Carson quote "Cut Off Your Slauson", which he routinely stated in a skit on The Tonight Show ... Perhaps that scenario can be incorporated into a monologue about the Space Ship's trip ???

1958 Plymouth Piggybacked
First time transporting my 58 Savoy on my 85 Chevy hauler.

Antique Stutz Fire Engine - Jay Leno or Disney Please Rescue!
This late teens - early 20's rig is adorned with pumps & hoses and appears all original and complete - except for the grill and radiator ornaments. last registered in 1966! She is located on RD 483 at the "Piute Meadows Trading Post" south of the town of Havilah in Kern County CA. The whole property is for sale and the future of this classic workhorse is in peril... Hope someone out there can handle this size of a project and resurrect or at least preserve this valiant artwork of American history... Havilah means Gold - and this sure is a large chunk of California's. Note: The diesel starting up at the end of the video is obviously not this machine - but the timing was impeccable for the quest of breathing new life into this beauty...

4x4 Tan Van - Easy Climb
Testing tire tread traction at my nearby proving grounds - original 2006 4x4 conversion tires still grippy.

Eurotopia at California Speedway Drag Day
Eurotopia (www.eurotopian.com) started on November 2012 in Santa Monica when a couple of driving enthusiasts came together looking to share a drive through some of California's most scenic roads. Ever since the beginning we've held monthly events and continue to do so to this day. Today Eurotopia is one of the fastest growing driving enthusiast groups in Southern California with 650 users registered on this forum/website. We have branched out to include other events like rallying, car shows, track days, etc.

Plymouth Fury
Chryslers at Carlisle South Mountian Dragway

1966 Plymouth Fury I Police Package Chicago PD
Almost done, just finishing up the interior and need two new bumpers. A lot of fun and thanks to all my friends with the CPD.

1 of 4 El-Mirage Furyous Speed Run Series
View this and the following three El-Mirage videos to leap into motion - up to 142mph, as this machine does in the novel Seven Skins. A teaser on the history of this vehicle, is that she was ordered by a retired police officer with every police option his influence could muster - heavy duty suspention(with rear sway bar), cooling, brakes, posi, 383 HP V8. I am the second registered owner for over twenty years now, and I've added a later Exhaust system, wheels, upgraded swaybars, shocks,windage tray, better cam, balancing, performance ignition system, and a 1962 tandum carb set-up(She even has the oval air cleaners for special events). In the meantime, experience my other vintagemachines in action and check-out my channel to learn more of my novel project. This machine is featured in my book in action that will knock your socks off!

California Speedway Muscle Car Drag Race

Public Race Days 2009 Hockenheim Part 2/3
Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6h9L2T7yWc Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3xg5wnVG8o video by ww.americanmuscle.de

'68 Plymouth Fury 440 w/450hp
FILTHY FURY - 3.90 gears w/Caltrack bars better video to come

66 fury vs nova
1966 plymouth fury schooling a nova at the drags

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