Ca Speedway 66 Furyous Physics Burnout - 1/4 Mile Drag

Man this was fun! My machine is geared more for top end - than for acceleration, but being the only classic cruiser at the strip drew a lot of attention. Thrust over to my channel and view this vehicle performing more of what she enjoys - evasive maneuvers and high speed runs (up to 142mph). While you are there, ride along in other vintage machinery on the go and scan my encounter with the publishing industry. The Fury seen in this video is an essential element of a Police Officer's character in the fast- paced novel Seven Skins (now sprinting from the gate on SCRIBEWORX.NET).

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Motor City Theater - A Furyous Day at Camp
Using Detroit steel a teacher with bad eyesight is hellbent on rounding up her kids at camp. To be followed by more videos displaying this classic's abilities, as well as other vintage machinery being put through the paces, as in the unrelated havoc-wreaking novel "Seven Skins". It may not look like it in this video, but I've taken great care of this labor of mechanical love for over 22 years now and will do so untill death do we part. Read my channel to learn more of my novel endeavor and to view other dynamic vintage machinery.

1966 Plymouth Fury III Burnout
My dad doing a burnout in his Fury III.

1966 Plymouth Fury III - 11.84 @ 112...
1.70 60' Drag race vs a stock Camaro...

66 Furyous Velocity Physics - 110 Flyby...142 Run
An abbreviated view, but the flyby and sound came out good. Rather than a super short video or dead time waiting for the Fury to arrive - I spliced in some older (& faster) Furyous video footage to make it more interesting. To imagine this Furyous machine screaming by at 140 +, at night no less, streak on over to the elusive lightning fast novel Seven Skins.