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Targa Wrest Point 2011 Longley stage - Holden Gemini - Mozz and Frenchy on the attack

Adrian Morrisby and Dave French 5th Quickest - 1975 Holden Gemini, End of day 1 oF Targa wp 2011, we attacked Longley stage with a bit of aggression, suffered from some left arm cramp, never struck that before. had a ball - and the bridge just after the pub has a bit on


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Targa Tasmania 2014 - Day Four Highlights
Targa Tasmania 2014 day 4 saw the weather turn with wet roads the order of the day as the field traveled along the west coast of Tasmania. In an action packed day Modern leaders Steve Glenny in his R35 GTR and Jason White in his Evo IX both retired leaving Jamie Vandenburg to lead from Matt Close.

Targa Wrest Point 2011 - Cygnet Crash
Scott Strong and Todd Docking come a croppa on Cygnet 1.

Accident at 180 KMPH - Brake Failure- Weldborough Pass - Targa Tasmania 2010 -Stephen Bradford
Caused by an ABS Brake failure, due to wiring snapping in half through a dip in the road. We were running top 10 after day 1, a lot of cars had accidents in Wet conditions the previous day. Car was running really well and we were ready to start pushing with consistent top 10 times. At 3:34 on the video the car bottoms out after going over a crest (wiring to ABS is snapped), then into a dip in the road on a left hand bend -- there is very loud noise as the cat bottoms out. For the next 200 meters I feel the steering and suspension still feels in check & then press on at full pace. I drive for about another 2km at full pace with no sign that the wiring to the ABS System had snapped in half when the car bottomed out. Over the next few km's under hard braking the tyres don't lock up without the ABS functioning. At high speed close to 200KMPH (4:14 on video) the car gets light over a few bumps and locks up over a few reflectors on the centre of the road under brakes. As a driver this isn't something you are expecting to happen, especially with no warning light on the dash for the ABS having had failed (explained below). After washing off some speed we leave the road at close to 100 kmph, then the fence hooks underneath the car as we get airborne and we pull out at least 30* posts -- this most likely stopped the car from rolling and washed off a lot of speed -- a bit like the hook on an aircraft carrier (we still ended up 200 meters into a paddock). Luckily there wasn't a tree in the runoff area.... The workshop that re-wired the ABS ran it along the ridge of the internal guard and when the car bottomed out it snapped it clean in half. Also the previous owner of the car had removed the light globe for the ABS system (which would tell you if it was faulty), when it was refitted the workshop didn't mention the globe wasn't connected & nor was it tested by them........ Ended up being an expensive exercise, but thankfully nobody was injured. Cars can always be repaired or replaced.

Targa Tasmania 2013: Hunter Holden VL Walkinshaw Highlights
Adam and David Kaplan thrill the crowds at Targa Tasmania 2013 receiving the official title # One Hoons for the event. Despite breaking a couple of rockers, the team had a good run and as you can see, a lot of fun. Enjoy, please share and comment.

Huge crash in a 73 Mach 1 Mustang in Targa Tasmania 2012
This is the entire stage and huge crash we had on TS10 Elephant Saddle in Targa Tasmania 2012. We had MANY requests for a slow motion replay of the in-car footage so here it is. You have to wait for the end, but it's probably worth it. We have been asked many times what caused the accident, and it's a typical concoction of many factors. But ultimately it was a poor change down to 3rd that tipped the scales, and the road conditions didn't allow me to catch it like I had many times before. I won't bother with listing the contributing factors because it may sound like I (the driver) am looking for excuses! The main thing is that both Dad (navigator) and I are OK, and no other crews were involved. The car shell is badly damaged, but the running gear is OK. We have a new shell on its way, and we will start the rebuilding process and get Junior back on the road. It might take a year, it might take two years. It might take 10 years, but Junior will be back on the road. So enjoy the footage, excuse the damage to a beautiful car, and please leave nice comments.

Targa Tasmania 2014 - Day Two Highlights
Check out the highlights from day two, taking in the fantastic east coast roads and the iconic Longford street stage, always a crowd favorite!!!

Jason and John White tackle the tricky pelverata stage in the whitehot lambo.The car finished the stage with both side mirrors smashed off as every inch of road is used.

Targa Wrest Point 2010 - TS4 Dover - 3/4
Targa Wrest Point 2010 Stage 4 Dover Part 3 of 4 Featured Competitors: 0:10 435 Cerro/Anderson 05 Mitsubishi Evo IX 0:13 327 Lillie/Montgomery 02 HSV GTO 0:29 437 Walker/Walker 03 Volkswagen Golf R32 0:46 338 Newton/Lemish 97 Mitsubishi Evo IV RS 0:54 123 Dermott/Dermott 71 Holden Torana XU1 1:05 307 McDermott/Bailey 99 Mazda RX7 1:16 509 Garvie/Garvie 09 Mitsubishi Evo X 1:29 312 Blunden/Blunden 98 Mazda RX7 1:43 263 Ellis/Lacey 80 Ford Escort RS2000 1:56 439 Dahl/Gascoigne 03 Porsche 996 TT 2:10 329 Peterson/Booker 94 Nissan Sunny GTI 2:25 433 Ford/Maher 07 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2:39 223 Power/Power 79 Mazda RX7 2:50 134 Rogers/Moss 71 Ford Falcon GT 3:01 202 Morrisby/French 75 Holden Gemini 3:16 508 Burrowes/Burrowes 08 Mitsubishi Evo X 3:29 323 Mathias/Amaral 02 Nissan Skyline GT-R Nur. 3:43 308 Johnson/Burridge 95 Subaru Impreza STi 3:57 427 O'Dowd/Allen 08 Subaru Impreza STi 4:11 133 Diprose/Daly 69 Ford Falcon GTHO 4:25 309 Knight/Harper 95 Porsche 911 Carrera RS CS 4:39 250 Ireland/Ribot 77 Porsche 911 Carrera 4:54 506 Connolly/Connolly 06 Mitsubishi Evo IX 5:09 228 Stuart/Herrod 73 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 5:27 349 Clair/Kelley 88 Porsche 911 Carrera CS 5:43 212 Russell/Lamont 77 Holden Torana SLR5000 6:00 410 Lilleyman/Lilleyman 07 Mitsubishi Evo IX 6:16 115 Kent/Krawczyk 71 Ford Falcon GT 6:32 414 Kennard/Grimwood 07 Subaru Impreza STi 6:46 417 Bartter/Wheeler 09 Subaru Impreza STi 6:59 130 Kent/Kent 65 Ford Mustang 7:14 501 Millar/Dean 08 Mitsubishi Evo X 7:28 434 Purdey/Burrey 09 Nissan R35 GT-R 7:37 222 O'Keefe/Winton-Monet 77 Holden Torana SLR5000 7:51 239 Callinan/Callinan 72 DeTomaso Pantera 8:05 441 Smith/Smith 08 Mitsubishi Evo X

Targa Tasmania 2014 - Prologue Highlights
The highlights from Prologue Day at Targa Tasmania 2014. Temco George Town Prologue has been a Targa institution since 1994 and sets the running order for the rest of the Targa Tasmania event. Outright winner this year was Jason White in his new EXO IX RS.

Targa Wrest Point 2011 Highlights
The third Targa Wrest Point, held south of Hobart, Tasmania from the 29th-30th January 2011. Footage from the Tahune, Airwalk and Woodbridge stages.

Targa Tasmania 2014 - Drew & Ella Kent, XY GT Falcon Highlights
Follow Drew and Ella through Targa Tasmania 2014, an event that held many highs and a few lows for the father, daughter team in the XY GT Falcon. Video produced by Other Side Productions. www.othersideproductions.com

TARGA WREST POINT 2010 - ONBOARD HOLDEN GEMINI - Mozza and Frenchy 6th quick Classic section
get on board for a blast through the Pelverata stage on baord the Maxbooost Motorsport Holden Gemini, Adrian Mozza Morrisby at the helm, Dr. David French calling the shots. bored and stroked 1600cc G series Gemini engine, twin 42mm Webbers. borrowed engine (thanks shawree) so being a little easy on her. Bridgestone super softs, MCA 3-shocks, bit rusty on the notes too, Sunday morning after all. sorry for the delay at the start

Targa Tasmania 2014 - Day Three Highlights
Check out the action from day three of Targa Tasmania 2014, taking in some of the iconic stages that help make Targa Tasmania the event it is.

2011 Targa Wrest Point Rally - Top Guns Party Tape
All the buzzes of towers, cars crashing and becoming 'inverted', classmate competition, and some fun times at tthe 2011 Targa Wrest Point rally with a retro shout out to that mother of all movies: Top Gun. Have fun.

Mozza's turbo 2.6 Gemini turbo in the classic challenge 1999. Running A Rodeo 2.6 turbo-

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