Targa Wrest Point 2011 Longley stage - Holden Gemini - Mozz and Frenchy on the attack

Adrian Morrisby and Dave French 5th Quickest - 1975 Holden Gemini, End of day 1 oF Targa wp 2011, we attacked Longley stage with a bit of aggression, suffered from some left arm cramp, never struck that before. had a ball - and the bridge just after the pub has a bit on

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Accident at 180 KMPH - Brake Failure- Weldborough Pass - Targa Tasmania 2010 -Stephen Bradford
Caused by an ABS Brake failure, due to wiring snapping in half through a dip in the road. We were running top 10 after day 1, a lot of cars had accidents in Wet conditions the previous day. Car was running really well and we were ready to start pushing with consistent top 10 times. At 3:34 on the video the car bottoms out after going over a crest (wiring to ABS is snapped), then into a dip in the road on a left hand bend -- there is very loud noise as the cat bottoms out. For the next 200 meters I feel the steering and suspension still feels in check & then press on at full pace. I drive for about another 2km at full pace with no sign that the wiring to the ABS System had snapped in half when the car bottomed out. Over the next few km's under hard braking the tyres don't lock up without the ABS functioning. At high speed close to 200KMPH (4:14 on video) the car gets light over a few bumps and locks up over a few reflectors on the centre of the road under brakes. As a driver this isn't something you are expecting to happen, especially with no warning light on the dash for the ABS having had failed (explained below). After washing off some speed we leave the road at close to 100 kmph, then the fence hooks underneath the car as we get airborne and we pull out at least 30* posts -- this most likely stopped the car from rolling and washed off a lot of speed -- a bit like the hook on an aircraft carrier (we still ended up 200 meters into a paddock). Luckily there wasn't a tree in the runoff area.... The workshop that re-wired the ABS ran it along the ridge of the internal guard and when the car bottomed out it snapped it clean in half. Also the previous owner of the car had removed the light globe for the ABS system (which would tell you if it was faulty), when it was refitted the workshop didn't mention the globe wasn't connected & nor was it tested by them........ Ended up being an expensive exercise, but thankfully nobody was injured. Cars can always be repaired or replaced.

Targa Tasmania 2011 -Valiant E48 Charger Crash
should have sat the camera a bit further back!

Team PENN - Mega Tuna 19+hr fight Tasmania 13/4/15
Monday 13th of April 2015 we hooked into a good fish on Southern Tasmania, 3x Anglers 19hr 40min later it broke off the line. An epic battle that went through the night and into the next day. Angler #1 15 y/o Jordan Chenoweth did 4.5 hours before she collapsed, would have been a Aus Record possible World record. Angler #2 Kelly Hooch Hunt did 9 hours before he was broken and the fish was still taking 200m runs at 13 hours in. Angler #3 Ashley Hallam Stepped up for the graveyard shift and did 6 hours before handing back over to Hooch who did 40min before the line gave way. Location - South East Tasmania Boat - Absolut Capt - Brett Cleary Assitant Capt - Garry Chenoweth (NSW) Anglers- Jordan Chenoweth Junior female, NSW (15y/0) - Hooch and Ashley Hallam Deck boy - Mozz Deck Girl - Clea Hallam Tackle - PENN International 50VSW, 24-37kg International Rod, Stren 24kg Hi-vis Gold - Wind-on JEM Flourocarbon - Lure Tsutumo Ice blue with wings.

Targa Tasmania Leg 2
Watch the action from the second leg of the 2011 Targa Tasmania. The competitors are pushing hard across a range of challenging stages, both through scenic and urban surroundings. Follow all of the action on http://www.porsche.co.uk/origin