Rover 827 Vitesse 5 Speed

Short footage of a MK1 Rover 827 Vitesse 5 speed, being driven by a moron!!! The owner is the guy in mid film, with the worried smile on his face! I cannot believe, that a few months later, I went on to own this car... superb bit of kit, and my 2nd Honda V6 powered Rover....

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Rover 827SI
Short encounter with a very nice (and quick) Rover.

rover 827 coupe 2.7 V6
0-100 en 7.7 environ 0-140 en 13.7 toujours environ ;) je crois qu'elle commence a etre bien dégommée lol

Abusing a Rover 820!!
This one was picked up as a "non runner", with a severe head gasket problem... so we intended to strip it of all useable bits, to keep our own 800's going.... Although we had V6's, a lot of the other bits were common... and this was a particularly rare 8v model, with a carburettor, it seemed a shame to kill it, but we did, and had some fun in the process... I'd like to add that I am NOWHERE to be seen in this vid!

Lap of Goodwood in a Rover 827 Vitesse
Lap of Goodwood in a Rover 827 Vitesse, the same Rover driven by Tony Pond around the Isle of Man TT course doing the first over 100mph average lap.