Rover 827 Vitesse 5 Speed

Short footage of a MK1 Rover 827 Vitesse 5 speed, being driven by a moron!!! The owner is the guy in mid film, with the worried smile on his face! I cannot believe, that a few months later, I went on to own this car... superb bit of kit, and my 2nd Honda V6 powered Rover....

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rover 827 coupe 2.7 V6
0-100 en 7.7 environ 0-140 en 13.7 toujours environ ;) je crois qu'elle commence a etre bien dégommée lol

Rover 827Si 1989 model
A classic in the making, the Rover 827 from 1989

Rover 800 Top Gear road test 1991
Rover 800 Top Gear road test 1991

In The Rover Tradition Reel Three (1950-1959)
Int. workshop. Carbonising camshafts, they are lowered into a vat like container and flames emerge. A women measures the pistons to one ten thousands of an inch, more dials. Engine assemble line. Six cylinder engines are balanced by engineers, and a workshop full of engines are run for six hours. Lots of white lab coated engineers. Cars are lined up in the paint shop, and hosed down to proof the bodies. They are then stoved before the assemble shop. Nice shiny cars are seen on the assembly line as they are completed, bonnets up engineers twiddle with things and look busy other men seal the windows. In another room cow hides are prepared for upholstery. Hand polishes check the finished paint work. Two new 3 Lt. cars are driven out of the production line and onto the factory test track. The tester drives the car over bumps, interior and exterior shots of all functions being tested, The breaks are tested and the car driven back to the works. Montage of all the testing with CU faces of workmen and women. Brand new 3 litre Rover in show room zoom out as couple are driven away in a ROVER down busy London street. End credits: Photography...Bernard Till, Editor...Cliff Boote, Sound...George Newbury, Exec. Producer...Terry Ashwood, Director...Quentin Dobson. 90,000 historic films, all SEARCHABLE on YouTube at: Join us on Facebook at: Tweet us @britishpathe FILM ID:2269.03