My Blue Lights

This is my OLD setup on my 1985 Plymouth Reliant. The lights you see are an SVP Mini Phantom Dual LED Dash light, on Wig-Wag pattern, under my RVM (Rear View Mirror) and a Whelen Dual Speed Cadet Rotator Beacon, on slow speed, under the Phantom. Two extra notes: due to mehanical reasons, I got rid of the Reliant and now own a 1999 Ford Taurus (video to come), and due to mechanical problems with the Whelen Cadet, that light is now placed out of service until further notice.

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Fire Dodge Ram POV lights
This is my buddies POV light setup. He has a Whelen Responder dual rotator mini lightbar on the roof, and a code 3 dash laser dash light. It is a pretty effective setup and very bright. He has since upgraded to red. He just changed the lenses over but I am trying to sell him a red Mx7000. Either way il have a video for you soon. Thanks for watching and please comment if you have any questions, have a good day!

Mini Phantom Blue Light
Just bought a Mini Phantom Blue Light. Looks great, is sleek, and is bright as hell, even during the day. I recommend it.

New Blue LED Mini Phantom Dashlight
via YouTube Capture

Whelen Dual Talon (Blue and White) At Dusk
Whelen dual talon dash light at dusk.