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My Blue Lights

This is my OLD setup on my 1985 Plymouth Reliant. The lights you see are an SVP Mini Phantom Dual LED Dash light, on Wig-Wag pattern, under my RVM (Rear View Mirror) and a Whelen Dual Speed Cadet Rotator Beacon, on slow speed, under the Phantom. Two extra notes: due to mehanical reasons, I got rid of the Reliant and now own a 1999 Ford Taurus (video to come), and due to mechanical problems with the Whelen Cadet, that light is now placed out of service until further notice.


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Whelen Talon vs Federal Signal Viper
Whelen Talon vs Federal Signal Viper led dash light comparison video

2007 Chevrolet Tahoe Police Package Slicktop
2007 Chevrolet Tahoe Police Package Slicktop outfitted by SWPS.com. Front of vehicle has 2 Red / 2 Blue Whelen LIN3 LEDs, Whelen TLN2RB Talon on deck, GM factory HLF, Code3 Supervisor with takedowns above rearview mirror. Back of vehicle has 2 Red / 2 Blue Whelen LIN3 LEDs, 1 TLN2RB Talon, GM factory brake/reverse light flasher. These items can be purchased @ swpsdotcom

EVS Phoenix LED Dash Lights
EVS Phoenix LED Dash Lights availiable from EVS in blue

Mini Phantom Max
Some available flash patterns on the Mini Phantom Max LED Emergency Dash light

Hawk-II Blue LED Dashlight
A short video of the Hawk-II LED dashlight with blue LEDs

Explorer and Lights
My Explorer with my blue lights up front. 2 Whelen TIR3's in the grill and a Star Mini-Phantom underneath my rearview mirror. The flashrate on my camera sucks (the MiniPhantom is a very fast alternating single flash, and the TIR3's are alternating triple flashes) and the color was weird today, so it doesn't really do them justice, but you get the gist. I'll be switching over to reds (and a siren) for the search team soon...

2006 Impala Lighting Update
After a much needed Iowa Winter Provoked bath, here is an updated video of my impala. Other than the Mini Phantom and TIR-3's, I added a pair of custom made LED flashers to the rear deck. I also added the decal, which is a copy of the one had on a previous car.

chris' pov explorer w/ lights
'94 explorer sport with sho me led red/white dash light and whelen cadet responder rotator

My LED Light show on my 2001 Honda CRV
My LED's on my car Grill- Able2 LED Micro-Lites Bliue/White Drivers Side- Able2 Triple Light Stick Blue/White/Blue Middle- Whelen Talon TLN2 Blue/White Passanger Side- Signal Mini Phantom Max LED Dash Light Blue/White

Whelen & Star Mini Phantom
2006 Acura TSX EMT & Rescue Squad Volunteering lights. Whelen Dual Dash LED Whelen Linear Grill LED Star Mini Phantom

Whelen LED Dash King flash pattern demo
Scrolling through the patterns of my Whelen Dual-LED Dash King in Red/Red.

Signal Mini Phantom Max LED Dash Light
Got my Blue light set up in my truck.Playin around with it. Its great, its got 32 different flash patterns and is very bright!

Strobemax Visor LED Light
Short video of a Strobemax LED visor light with blue LEDs

Full light setup
AXIXTECH Hawk-II below the rear view mirror and a Federal Signal Highlighter on the roof

04 Chevy Colorado W/Custom LED's
This is what my new 04 Chevy Colorado looks like in daylight conditions with Blue LED lights that me and a few friends installed since we're all volunteer firefighters in Iowa. In the window, I have a Star Mini Phantom that I plan to upgrade to the latest version they have out. And on the grill I have 2 Gen 3 light heads. I have them all wired to one racing grade toggle switch with a protective cover.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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