My Blue Lights

This is my OLD setup on my 1985 Plymouth Reliant. The lights you see are an SVP Mini Phantom Dual LED Dash light, on Wig-Wag pattern, under my RVM (Rear View Mirror) and a Whelen Dual Speed Cadet Rotator Beacon, on slow speed, under the Phantom. Two extra notes: due to mehanical reasons, I got rid of the Reliant and now own a 1999 Ford Taurus (video to come), and due to mechanical problems with the Whelen Cadet, that light is now placed out of service until further notice.

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Whelen Duel Speed Cadet
This is just a short clip of my whelen cadet in action have a blue/clear one as well both for sale if anyone is looking for a good emergency dash light

Fire Dodge Ram POV lights
This is my buddies POV light setup. He has a Whelen Responder dual rotator mini lightbar on the roof, and a code 3 dash laser dash light. It is a pretty effective setup and very bright. He has since upgraded to red. He just changed the lenses over but I am trying to sell him a red Mx7000. Either way il have a video for you soon. Thanks for watching and please comment if you have any questions, have a good day!

Star Signal Dual-Color Mini Phantom Undercover Interior LED Light - DL087 Lineum XTM technology delivers Dual-Color functionality in a mini interior light. At just 1-1/16" tall, this blindingly bright LED dash light won't obstruct your vision or attract unwanted attention. Pattern selector built into cigar plug provides easy selection of 25 flash patterns. Long lasting LEDs provide up to 100,000 hours, eliminating constant bulb replacement. The Mini Phantom Undercover Interior LED Light has a 0.4 maximum amp draw, reducing battery drain on your vehicle. Flexible mounting options make it easy to fit the around existing equipment. Perfect for undercover or unmarked vehicles, the Mini Phantom Undercover Interior LED Light packs full-size warning power into a slim and compact package. Perfect for fire volunteers, undercover and unmarked law enforcement vehicles. Great for adding effective and economical warning power to existing patrol vehicles. Mounts to your dash, deck, mirror or windshield. SAE J595 Class 1 (Amber, Blue, Red,White) SAE J595 Class 2 (Red/Blue Split) Lineum X™ technology offers an all Dual-Color mini interior light Extremely thin profile, less than 1-1/16" Twenty-four mid power LEDs 25 customer selectable flash patterns, including steady-on All White takedown/pursuits lights Flat front design hugs window for minimal flashback; great for side and rear vertical windows Ratchet clip mounts allow for angle adjustability Split output functionality Independent user selectable color activation Extremely thin profile Dual on/off switch 12’ cable, synchronizable Amp Draw: 1.3 amps (average), 2.5 amps max Voltage: 10-16V DC 1-1/16"H x 9"W x 1-3/8"D

Mini phantom led dash light