Tial 605 3rd Gear Pull

Quick little pull after getting the car back. Seems to be doing alright.

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These Gears Really Work?
From www.lisaboyer.com Woodworking Plans. Clayton Boyer demonstrates a variety of square, oval, pentagonal, organic and other unbelievably-shaped gears--and they really work! Woodworking plans available at www.lisaboyer.com

Tial 605 S4 vs Evo
S4 492whp vs Evo 511whp S4: Tial 605's, EPL fueling Evo: GT30r, meth, cams,

S4 TiAL 770/605, 2871, K04 Dyno Pulls
TiAL 770 - 666whp TiAL 605 - 524 whp GT 2871 - 527 whp BW K04 - 375 whp

3rd gear pull in my EG HB H22 6psi to 170mph.
Proving to my friend Sergio that 170mph is possible in a Honda on a 2 way street.The outcome,I scared the shit out of him which is why you hear him screaming to slow down.