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Peterbilt 379 with Twin Turbo 8v92 Drag Racing

this was one of fastest rigs at the show this year


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Peterbilt 379 "POWER IS WITH ME" :)
Peterbilt 379 "Overweight load"

Peterbilt Trike
As seen on Monster Garage. Logic and common sense wins again! The DMCA will not take our FREEDOM! Fight the corporations and let them know you will not be trampled on for LEGAL use of video!

peterbilt 379 custom winnipeg
we got this truck and striped it down right away, paulo is the second owner of it. day cabing it was easy its the inside that was hard like the floors and headliner, it is a 2001 379 it has a 244 wheelbase a 550 cat 18speed and its geared for speed, the truck is very clean and gets alot of looks and its not even done yet hope you liked the video

Detroit 8v71 Diesel that been asleep for twenty years
Engine hasn't run in approx. twenty years. Dosen't run bad on 1980's fuel!

The 75 12v71 Peterbilt drag racing! Very Loud! Very Cool!
Here is the 75 Peterbilt 359 that has the 12v71N and straight pipes. It was recently replaced with N90 injectors and it now turns about 2600 rpms, it probably does around 68 almost to 70 instead of 55 firewalled at 2100. 5:29 rear ends with a RTO-12513 single overdrive 13 speed transmission. Dual 6" straight stacks, and very loud but good sounding!

Nice sound!

Peterbilt 377 (379) Convertible by Botelho Bros
Tuning Art at the top! Botelho Bros have created this Peterbilt 377 Convertible from a wreck truck. Using 24'' rims with car tires and homemade air suspension.


Batman's truck's of miami in race
Carrera entre el 359 de Iran y el 379 de Joan (el sepillo) *** los batman's de miami*** en la US 27 , quiero advertir que esto fue un tope amistoso entre dos amigos , yo el sepillo perdi pero pero asi todo desarrolle 110 mph en el 379 y el 359 de Iran suvio a 112 mph , ahi este el video solo mirenlo y saquen sus concluciones ya que se, que van ha ver muchas ya que existe una gran rivalidad aqui entre los muchachos de la camionada de Miami (ya tenemos a unos cuantos poniendo CAT 3406 B MODEL 425 HP) JAJAJAJA que la disfruten.

Peterbilt 379
New 2007 With 132 Inch ARI Legacy II Custom Sleeper

Truck loaded with timber headed by a woman !!! ♥

Old White Truck with a Detroit Diesel Drag Racing
here an old white truck with a 8v92 detroit diesel drag racing i think its got a twin turbo set up to

"Big Rig" FULL Movie
Big Rig (2008) is a documentary film by Doug Pray about long-haul truck drivers. The film consists of a series of interviews with different drivers, focusing on both their personal life stories and also the life and culture of truck drivers in the United States. Worth to watch : ) Trucks photos at: http://www.facebook.com/Tolimujureisuvairuotojai

Kyle Dunkles Peterbilt 359 Detroit Diesel 12v71TT Drag Races a Mustang on Pinks All Outtakes

Rc truck and trailer
Welcome to my channel, Today we have the Mercedes actros gigasoace with its flatbed trailer transferring the new Lamborghini superlaggena to the new buyer. enjoy watching. Hobby moe

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