mercedes benz clk gtr dyno

SPS honk kong, Exhaust sistem tunning

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RADO Twin-Turbo Mercedes AMG SLS - Amazing Dyno FIREBALL!
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Mercedes CLK GTR
Mercedes Benz CLK GTR acceleration.

1 OF 1! Mercedes-Benz CLK LM StrassenVersion! : Start up and reving SOUNDS!
Facebook: ------------------------------------------ vv More info down vv --------------------------------- Music : Airwave - People just don't care : Last sunday 6 September, i went in France in Chantilly ( near Paris ), for the 2nd Edition of the Chantilly Arts Concours D'Elegance organised by Peter Auto ( same organisator of the Le Mans Classic ), and i was very suprised of the quality of cars which was present there, like for example this 1 OF 1, Mercedes-Benz CLK LM StrassenVersion, the road legal version of the LM 24 Hours of Le Mans! In this video, you can see the car in different angles views and the sound of it! it was very impressive because it is really a race car with a race engine...register for the road! The differents between the LM and the GTR is the engine, the CLK GTR had a V12 engine and the LM has a V8 and the LM was the successor of the GTR. Hope you enjoy to watch this amazing video. Make sure you subscribe on TheCaraf channel for more supercars and classic cars events and exclusive shoot videos in 1080HD quality. Thank you very much. Raphaƫl (TheCaraf).

CLK GTR Limited edition 3/25 at the track in Dubai