Extensiones de tapa de motor Escarabajo (DECKLID) VW

Video muestra los detalles principales para colocar las extensiones de las tapas del motor del escarabajo y los ganchos para retirar dicha tapa rapidamente

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instalacion Deck Lid
instalacion espaciador tapa motor VW escarabajo

Putting deck lid spring in a 1967 VW
Installing deck lid spring in a 1967 VW type-1

Deck Lid Stand Offs and The Hoodlum
We are installing a set of Empi Deck Lid Stand Offs along with a Wolfgang "Hoodlum" The stand offs allow additional cooling by circulating more air in the engine compartment. The Hoodlums are to allow the use of the deck lid spring that holds up the lid when open. Without the hoodlum, the spring doesn't reach and you'd have to use stick to hold it up, not too custom. Check out our website to order: www.WolfgangInt.com Hoodlum Part #1827331 Deck Lid Standoffs Part #1827152

São Borja Fusca Clube - Instalando Deck Lid Empi - Afastador da Tampa do Motor
Instalando o deck lid Empi - Aumenta a quantidade de ar auxiliando na refrigeração do motor. Fuscão 1500 74 Ocre Marajó Acesse a nossa fanpage: www.facebook.com/sbfuscaclube Visite o nosso blog: www.sbfuscaclube.blogspot.com.br