Z71 Colorado ifs geometry explained

Chevy Colorado, CST spindle, custom uca, explanation of ifs geometry and how this lift is possible with no bump steer.

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Bump Steer
When you drive your car the suspension goes through a bound and rebound cycle with the springs compressing (bound) and expanding (rebound). This is a continuous process over ever inch of road you travel. This range of motion creates toe changes. Toe change alters your steering and causes your front tires to wear out faster. Proper wheel alignment and modest changes to your suspension can radically reduce toe change and bump steer. www.PeddersUSA.com

Chevy Colorado Port and Polished Head
3.7l 5 cyl. Had to remove the head to get out the bent valves. Figured I might as well p&p the head while the parts are being ordered. To my knowledge I have never heard of this ever bring done before.

Switchback type 2 circuit
Using a few spare parts and a bread board i came up with a circuit that mimics the vled/ auto illumination switchback led bulbs.