Top 10 Biggest Mafias Around the world

TOP 10 MOTORCYCLES GANGS Song: Monogamija feat.Derac-Serbian style Mafia refers to secretive groups involved in organized crimes spread over a lot of countries. They are usually referred to by the name of the country they originated in and the majority of members will be of this nationality. They usually aspire to have a monopoly over illegal activities like drugs, firearm trafficking, etc. This is an article about the mafia groups and their activities. They are listed in an increasing order of their influence in the world.

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Mexican drug gangs' public relations campaign
Mexican drug gangs' public relations campaign. From guns to the media, Mexican drug cartels have turned to new and unusual tactics to intimidate their rivals. Subscribe to our channel Videos of drug-related massacres have been sent to news networks and posted online. The gangs have also tried to win support through public displays of strength. But as Al Jazeera's Rachel Levin reports, people in the southern city of Cuernavaca are not impressed by the cartels' campaigns.

10 Biggest Mafias In The World
10 biggest mafias in the world. This list contains ten of the worst and most dangerous mafia organizations around the world | planet earth. Do you know more famous and powerful mafias | mob groups? Let us know in the comments... 10. Jamaican-Yardies - England 9. Albanian Mafia - Albania, US, Europe 8. Serbian Mafia - Serbia, US, UK, Europe 7. Israeli Mafia - Israel, Worldwide 6. Mexican Mafia - US 5. Yakuza, Japan - Japan, US 4. Triads, China - Asia, US 3. Drug Cartel - Colombia, Worldwide 2. Sicilian Mafia "Cosa Nostra" - Italy, Worldwide 1. Russian Mafia - Russia, Worldwide Second Channel: Listing 10 - Top 10 compilations : Music: teknoaxe ( Top 10 Lists. On our top 10 channel we bring you top lists on various topics - top tens all time. The most shocking, weird, scary, funny, fascinating, interesting and amazing facts in the world. We appreciate any feedback on our top 10s and we thank you for watching our top 10 videos. Subscribe for more top list videos! Video categories you can find on our youtube channel: animals & nature, crime, geography, history & people, computer & technology, science & education, games, music, myths & conspiracies, comedy & entertainment, sports, movies

Top 10 Albanian MAFIA
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