Top 10 Biggest Mafias Around the world

TOP 10 MOTORCYCLES GANGS Song: Monogamija feat.Derac-Serbian style Mafia refers to secretive groups involved in organized crimes spread over a lot of countries. They are usually referred to by the name of the country they originated in and the majority of members will be of this nationality. They usually aspire to have a monopoly over illegal activities like drugs, firearm trafficking, etc. This is an article about the mafia groups and their activities. They are listed in an increasing order of their influence in the world.

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The Triads Mafia ★ Documentary
Subscribe the MrsDoku4all Channel for more new stuff. Chinatown, with its facade of restaurants, street stalls and gift shops, did not blink. Though crowds of shoppers and tourists scurried for cover when the gunfire erupted, they quickly returned after the ambulances hauled the victims away. So did the youth gangs who, the police say, serve as the enforcers for the criminal organizations that control gambling, drug dealing and extortion in New York's exploding Chinese community. Social workers and business leaders in the 40 square blocks of Chinatown in lower Manhattan believe that no more than 500 young people out of a total population of more than 100,000 have been involved in gang violence. Their power and the power of Chinatown's criminal organizations for which they work have grown because of a dramatic shift in immigration patterns and a jump in the number of Chinese living here. In 1960 most of Chinatown's 20,000 residents traced their origins to one county near Canton in Guangdong province. The Chinese community citywide today numbers 300,000, with 1,400 new legal arrivals each month coming from China and Taiwan, plus others from Chinese communities in Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. Almost everyone involved agrees that there are also thousands of illegal Chinese aliens here. At current rates of growth the population will reach 500,000 by 1990. Though most immigrants establish their first American residence in Chinatown, housing is so scarce that many move to Queens as soon as they can afford to leave. In Flushing, Jackson Heights, Elmhurst and Astoria, they have established new neighborhoods that are at least the size of Chinatown 25 years ago. Operating in all of them, according to everyone from shopowners to waiters, is a secretive and disciplined crime cartel. This coalition, still based in Chinatown, includes criminal organizations known as tongs and triads that trace their roots to patriotic groups organized more than a century ago to resist the Manchu emperors. Because of the character of the new wave of immigration, the Cantonese dominance of the community's life has been eroding. The new arrivals from the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and Southeast Asia have set up their own groups. One new gang challenging the Cantonese Tong On (Eastern Peace) gang, which was implicated in last week's shooting, for control of the East Broadway area is made up of immigrants from Fujian province on the Chinese coast. Another consists mostly of youngsters whose families came from Burma.

Top 5 Most Powerful Mafia Bosses Ever
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