Volvo V70 TDI VS.Toyota Supra MK 4

Im trying to hunt a Supra... Thats what i call " PURE OWNAGE "

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Volvo V70 TDI : Evry mod
Volvo V70 1999yr testing of Evry mod Car has a deleted EGR valve and Cat has also been removed. stock Boost pressure. (0,9 bar)

Volvo V70 2.5TDI
Volvo V70tdi- koneella , täyskaasukiihdytys. Auto on toistaiseksi vakio. Volvo V70 with stock tdi engine , full throttle. About to get chipped someday.

volvo s70 diesel smoke

500hp Supra vs Volvo 850 wagon streetracing in Sweden
Supra vs 855 streetrace