Bmw 335i vs Chrysler Crossfire

bmw 335i vs chrysler crossfire street racing from the light.

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bmw vs crossfire - bmw wins
bmw burnout 325i E90 vs Crossfire v6

Crossfire SRT-6 vs BMW M5
Second time went like the first.

Chrysler crossfire v6 vs. Audi S8 v10
Soundcheck audis8 v10 vs. Chrysler crosfire v6

Greddy TT 350Z vs. Crossfire SRT-6
Lassiter Mountain Import Shootout modified class finals. 350Z has Greddy twin turbo kit on 15 psi with DR. SRT-6 has Needswings intake, IC isolation kit, and Eurocharged tune on 19" street tire. 350z is making around 500hp the crossfire about 320 whp.