60 trim SRT-4 Pull Low Boost

SUBSCRIBE FOR THIS CAR IN ACTION ON THE STREETS My 04 srt4 short 20-70 pull. I know it was pointless but its still cool. And the sound is awsome. 60-120 is evan better. only on 16psi at end of 2nd. tire pressure was let out but obviously didnt help.

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SRT-4 60 Trim acceleration
Just stretching her legs a little. I'm granny shifting, kinda hard to shift with a camera in my hand. Boosting 21lbs.

2005 red acr srt-4 low boost 50 trim pull

srt-4 short take off and high boost pull
my srt-4 doing a lil take off then going into 2nd hitting around 24 psi drops to 19 ish when shifting

60 Trim Srt-4 60-120 Pull
Garret 60 trim 15 psi open turbo pull, little bit of flutter, vacuum lines where run incorectly right around 360whp in this video I would say 60 Trim Srt-4 60-120 Pull