How to tell if your sway bar bushings are bad

Did my whole front end besides shocks and the sway bar bushings/end links, and still had a nasty clunk. Never thought to check the sway bar until I saw it almost dangling when my wheel was turned in the driveway. Next week im doing all the shocks, and this thing is seriously gonna ride like new!

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2011 Ford Fiesta Cold Start
Its been snowing all day, about 6" so far. Car hasnt been started in at least 4 days. Around 20 degrees. She fires right up like a Ford

LED vs Incandescent Taillight Bulbs
A lot of people want LED bulbs but don't even understand the biggest benefit of upgrading. A white LED bulb is gonna have that nice crisp bluish white color, where a white incandescent bulb is gonna have the dull yellow color for things such as dome lights, map lights, puddle lamps, license plate lights, etc. Upgrading your tail lights and blinkers to LED is also a big improvement but for a different reason. I don't know the exact time difference, but an LED fully illuminates so much quicker than an incandescent bulb. In this video, I have an LED bulb in the left taillight, and the stock incandescent bulb in the right taillight. You can see how much quicker the LED turns on, and even back off in the time it's taken the incandescent one to just turn on. Plus the light is crisp, on and off, not fading on and off like the incandescent bulb. The problem is, you have todo your research when buying LED bulbs. There are so many brands, styles and options, you can't just buy the cheapest ones you find. They won't put out as much light (Lumens) as your stock bulbs in any application. These taillight bulbs were from and were $14.99 each which is a great price. You will also need a 50w 6ohm load equalizer which is a little orange box you splice between the ground and blinker/taillight wire. Thanks for watching, feel free to ask any questions!

Pioneer AVH-X4700BS Problem! Wont Work When Cold!
Bought this unit brand new in March or April 2015. Its not even a year old, but has a severe issue. Contacted Pioneer numerous times and get very little help, I apparently have to pay out of my pocket whether it be gas and time, or shipping the damn thing to one of their authorized service centers. Stay away from this model!

Common Ford 4.0 SOHC Coolant Leak Fix
This is very similar for most of the 4.0 Ford V6 motors. The thermostat housing is a 3 piece plastic unit (Plastic, stupid!) that is glued together. The glue eventually fails, and youll start leaking coolant slowly or rapidly. I noticed some smoke coming out from under the hood one day, saw some coolant puddled on the top of the engine, and then a stream running down and hitting the manifold. I suggest ordering this part on, you can choose 2 day shipping and still get it way cheaper than a parts store.