SCDA Lime Rock Park, 7 Nov 09, Corolla runs Blue Group, session 3 (Part 2)

SCDA at Lime Rock Park, last event of the season on a great fall afternoon. Jon is instructing again, fun factor is high. First day in the Intermediate 1 group: faster cars and drivers, busy pointing people by, working on my line. As always, I am in my 93 stock Corolla (1.6L, 3 spd auto). My favorite track. Nice and flowing, fast in my low-hp car. Had as much fun as the first time I went (see the Aug 10 videos). Notice how at 1:40, I am a bit early at the 2nd apex exiting Big Bend and get on the throttle a little too eagerly: FWD car, understeer, left front wheel hits the dirt. Tried to unwind the wheel quickly, but still had a bit of steering lock left from the corner exit - enough for the difference in surface grip to catapult the car to the right, immediately breaking traction. Took quick opposite lock as soon as all 4 wheels were on the asphalt to catch and recover the car. Impressive lesson on what even a bit of steering lock does if your wheels are on different-grip surfaces.

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corolla 93 of NIELCLARK
This Corolla is on Mobil 1 fully synthetic, Bosch four electrode spark plugs, Simota Air Intake, front strut bar, newly installed timing belt and belt tensioner/bearing, Front suspension bushings, KYB Excel G gas shocks, Stoptech GTR brakepads, dunlop sport lm703.

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