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SCDA Lime Rock Park, 7 Nov 09, Corolla runs Blue Group, session 3 (Part 2)

SCDA at Lime Rock Park, last event of the season on a great fall afternoon. Jon is instructing again, fun factor is high. First day in the Intermediate 1 group: faster cars and drivers, busy pointing people by, working on my line. As always, I am in my 93 stock Corolla (1.6L, 3 spd auto). My favorite track. Nice and flowing, fast in my low-hp car. Had as much fun as the first time I went (see the Aug 10 videos). Notice how at 1:40, I am a bit early at the 2nd apex exiting Big Bend and get on the throttle a little too eagerly: FWD car, understeer, left front wheel hits the dirt. Tried to unwind the wheel quickly, but still had a bit of steering lock left from the corner exit - enough for the difference in surface grip to catapult the car to the right, immediately breaking traction. Took quick opposite lock as soon as all 4 wheels were on the asphalt to catch and recover the car. Impressive lesson on what even a bit of steering lock does if your wheels are on different-grip surfaces.


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SCDA Lime Rock Park, 7 Nov 09, Corolla runs Blue Group, session 3 (Part 1)
SCDA at Lime Rock Park, last event of the season on a great fall afternoon. Jon is instructing again, fun factor is high. Watch the introduction by my teddy bear copilot - I rescued the guy off the road a couple years ago and hired him. First day in the Intermediate 1 group: faster cars and drivers, busy pointing people by, working on my line. As always, I am in my 93 stock Corolla (1.6L, 3 spd auto). My favorite track. Nice and flowing, fast in my low-hp car. Had as much fun as the first time I went (see the Aug 10 videos).

SCDA Lime Rock Park, August 10 2009, Novice Run #4 (Part 2)
Lime Rock Park, SCDA HPDE, 10 Aug 2009, last novice group run of the day. My car is a '93 base Corolla, stock engine, 1.6L, 3-speed automatic. No modifications except grippy street tires, a pirate flag decal, and a go-faster-stripe. My first track day, and an incredible blast. My instructor is Dave Gran, SCCA racer and Lime Rock track record holder. Check out his book at http://www.goaheadtakethewheel.com . Thanks Dave, you were awesome!!!

Lime Rock Park Ferrari Porsche Corvette Audi R8 Mini VW R32 session 3 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4
Lime Rock Park Ferrari Porsche Corvette Audi R8 Mini VW R32 session 3 Track Day SCDA Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 August 10, 2009

Astrophysathingy's V8 laps at Mt Panorama
My gf Ivy gave me the most amazing birthday present - two hotlaps in a V8 racecar around Mt Panorama with FasTrack racing. Video credits go to Adrenaline Video. My driver was Kim "Assassin" Jane who races in the Aussie V8 Ute series. Since I am used to racecars, albeit slower ones, I asked him to not hold back in the beginning ("Two qualifying laps"). Notice my face - it was not scary at all, but very impressive; I was very tense, trying to be as attentive as possible with all senses, and make these 2 laps count, taking in every bit of the track, Kim's driving, and the way the car felt. It was fantastic & unforgettable. Thanks Ivy, Fastrack, Kim, and to Scott from Adrenaline. Hope to drive the track in a racecar myself one day!

SCCA MARRS4 2014, Sunday SSM Race
Racing SSM is so very close and intense. The Sunday 18 lap race, fighting all race long with the #59 car, and enjoying a huge bump-draft along the front straight from another one. Finished 14 out of 36, similar to Saturday's 13 out of 35, and moved up 5 positions from start to checker in each race. RP Performance gave me a good car, and I am really happy about these results - this was my first race weekend in that class and with that car, and this class has tough racing and good, fast drivers who don't give you a single inch, yet take every inch you give them. Thanks all for racing with you. It was an incredible experience. And thanks everyone at Summit for the friendship and good times in the paddock. I miss you crazy bastards already.

Toyota Land Cruiser LC120 Offroad Extreme driving
http://fa.vorites.com Offroad extreme driving with Toyota Land Cruiser LC120 Prado, Sigulda, Latvia 2007. Buy new Toyota Land Cruiser LC120.

slow at limerock with an overheating motor may 2010
in the back of the pack on a restart, with an overheating motor, so slow slow slow. the green miata has no alignment after someone hit him in a qualifying session, so it's a bit slow and off line.

2007 Toyota Yaris S doing 400,000 Miles in 3yrs 6m
Article: http://money.cnn.es/galleries/2010/autos/1004/gallery.ireport_mega_mile_car s/5.html Article: http://www.subcompactculture.com/200...-miles-on.html 2007 Toyota Yaris S Sedan doing 400,000 Miles in 3yrs 6m Parts that are still working properly: 1. All Sensors (Oxygen, Crank, Cam, Knock, Coolant Temp, Oil Press) 2. A/C Compressor 3. Electric Power Steering 4. Fuel Pump & Injectors 5. Ignition Coils 6. Radiator 7. Brake Booster, Master & Slave Cylinder, Rotors and Drums 8. Throttle Body 9. Engine 10. Manual Transmission Here's a list of repairs that I've done on my Yaris so far: 1. Struts & Shocks @ 153,000 miles on 9/7/08 2. Alternator @ 323,000 miles on 4/15/09 3. F&R Brake Pads and Shoes ONLY @ 400,000 miles on 2/21/10 (First and ONLY brake job) 4. Driver's Side Rear Hub Assembly @ 435,000 miles on 2/19/11 5. Clutch @ 448,000 miles on 9/3/11 (First clutch job) 6. Backup Switch @ 448,000 miles on 9/8/11 7. Sway Bar End Links @ 451,000 miles on 11/2/11 8. Passenger's Side Rear Hub Assembly @ 457,000 miles on 1/13/12 9. Oxygen Sensors @ 459,000 miles on 2/8/12 10. Alternator @ 467,000 miles on 5/26/12 11. Clutch Slave Cylinder @ 468,000 miles on 6/14/12 (Didn't need replacing. It was the flywheel that was worn) 12. Starter @ 469,000 miles on 6/25/12 13. Clutch @ 474,000 miles on 9/2/12 14. Fan Motor @ 479,000 miles on 10/2/12 15. Fuel Filter @ 481,000 miles on 10/30/12 16. Driver's Side CV Axle @ 483,000 miles on 12/1/12 17. Fuel Pressure Regulator @ 492,000 on 3/22/13 18. Valve Cover Gasket @ 492,000 on 3/27/13 19. Water Pump & Pulley @ 502,000 on 6/18/13 20. Clutch @ 506,000 miles on 8/11/13 21. Shocks & Springs @ 515,000 on 11/23/13 List of Acessories & Mods: 1. SUS Custom 2.5" Air Intake Kit 2. eBay Exhaust Headers 3. Magnaflow Catback Exhaust System 4. Weapon-R iThrottle Controller (Best investment ever!!!) 5. Rims (From 15" to 16" to 17" and now 18") 6. Tanabe Lowering Springs (With 500k miles on them) 7. Scangauge II 8. HID's & LED's 9. Double OEM Spoiler & Lip Combo 10. Eliminated Cats 11. Magnaflow 28" Resonator 12. 1ZZ Throttle Body 13. Taylor Helix Throttle Body Spacer 14. Tein Lowering Springs

Lime Rock Park SCDA 6/24/06
Just me and my 2004 VW R32 lapping around Lime Rock with SCDA in the Intermediate 2 class.

Labor Day Double 2012 - ITS Sunday Race
SCCA Washington DC Region's Labor Day Double, 2012, Sunday 10 lap qualifying race, ITS/ITB race group. Rain race, in-car video from Kai Noeske, #9 Improved Touring S, 1999 Honda Civic Si. Front wheel drive and rain tires made for a competitive race!

NJMP Thunderbolt w. SCDA, stock 93 Corolla chasing a Lotus Elise (part 2)
14 Sep 2009, last Novice Session of the day with SCDA at NJMP Thunderbolt. Chasing a Lotus Elise over the entire session - so much fun lap after lap, my Corolla going faster through the corners and closing in, and the Elise is running away again on the straight. Amazed I could keep up, despite slowing to allow people to pass and braking early to accommodate for some brake fade. Found the reason after the run: my inside front brake pads on both sides were gone and triggered some late-night nuts-n-bolts-turning to get set for the next day. Big Thanks to John for being an awesome instructor!

SCDA Track Day at Lime Rock Park August 10 2009, Intermediate group
SCDA track day, 08/10/09. Old friend, former SCCA SSGT champ Peter Rose as videographer/timer/driving coach/all-around nag, riding shotgun.

Spec Miata at Lime Rock Park with SCDA
My SM (sans restrictor plate) chasing Doug's Frankenstein turbo at the "new" Lime Rock.

Rear-Wheel Drive vs Front-Wheel Drive vs All-Wheel Drive
Top Gear © BBC 2000. "Old Top Gear", broadcast on 09 March 2000 [LOW VIDEO QUALITY] Vicky Butler-Henderson (Fifth Gear) tests and compares three different automotive drivetrains: rear-wheel drive (RWD), front-wheel drive (FWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD). NOTE: It must be noted that the Audi A4 quattro was a vehicle developed primarily as a front-wheel and not an all-wheel drive car, with most of its kinetic layout (weight distribution, suspension structure, relative wheel distribution, etc.) conceived for front-wheel propulsion. It has a traction torque bias towards the front wheels. Neither was it equipped with active limited-slip differentials (i.e. front- or rear axles or in the shaft in-between) to distribute torque/traction as per contingent wheel grip. By contrast other front-engined, all-wheel drive vehicles (i.e. Subaru Impreza WRX STi, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo) are conceived from the onset with permanent and symmetrical all-wheel drive systems and are often equipped with various arrays of slip differentials in the front- and rear axles and in the torque shaft, resulting in an altogether significantly different vehicle dynamic behaviour. It should also be mentioned that since the broadcast of this film, several traction systems have been developed, for both front and all-wheel drive vehicles, notably mechanical or electronic differentials for front-wheel drive cars e.g. those developed by Alfa Romeo, Ford, Citroën or Nissan. Finally, it should be noted that the criteria for this test was to determine traction on dry tarmac, asphalt sufaces, and not loose ground such as wet tarmac, gravel, sand, snow or mud, contexts in which the dynamic results would most probably vary. It is generally agreed that they do so in favour of (permanent) all-wheel drive or (selectable) four-wheel drive systems, also given the possibility of dual-range transmissions (including greater torque conversion) © Video Copyrights: Top Gear, BBC & BBC World, 2000. Video reproduced for didactic, instructive, non-commercial, non-lucrative purposes only.

Fastest Summit Point lap yet, going crazy
My fastest lap at Summit Point Raceway so far in my 1999 Honda Civic Si, SCCA ITS racecar. 1:28.908. SCCA WDCR MARRS 13 weekend, 5 Oct 2013. I see it on the laptimer and go apeshit. Car is still not fully ITS developed (down on power, up on weight) and was on old tires. Lap felt incredible.

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1985 Toyota Corolla GTS: 8.060 @ 164.690
Luis Corujo, Engine: 2RZFE, Turbos: 74mm Borg Warner Airwerks Tires: Goodyear 30 X 12.5 X 15

1981 Toyota Corolla 1.8: 8.460 @ 157.000
luis morales, Engine: 1.8, Turbos: presion turbo Tires: 29.5/11.5

1981 Toyota Corolla 1.8: 8.900 @ 148.000
carlos casanas, Engine: 3tc, Turbos: pt68 Tires: 26.8

1981 Toyota Corolla 1.8 5 speed: 8.930 @ 144.870
victor (papito enema ) echevarria, Engine: 3tc, Turbos: mike turbo inc. 71mm Tires: 26/8.5 mickey thompsons

1971 Toyota Corolla ke20: 9.100 @ 148.440
Sam Kiprios, Engine: Toyota 3rz, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: Garrett 88mm Tires: M/T 28x9

1980 Toyota Corolla kike racing: 9.450 @ 138.000
carlos casanas, Engine: 1.8 3tc, Turbos: toe60 Tires: 26/8

1982 Toyota Corolla 1.8: 9.500 @ 140.000
carlos domenech, Engine: 3tc, Turbos: gt40 Tires: 26/8

1986 Toyota Corolla gts: 9.500 @ 153.310
ken Shaw, Engine: 2jzgte, Tires: mt 26 10.5 15 et street

1971 Toyota Corolla 18rg: 9.630 @ 139.500
Peter Kiprios, Engine: 18rg, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: Yes - TO4E Tires: M/T 26x8.5

1983 Toyota Corolla 1.8: 10.100 @ 136.000
Manuel Betancourt, Engine: 2jz-ge (93 up supra non turbo), Turbos: greddy t88 Tires: mt 29x15.5street tire and goodgear 30x13 in track

1978 Toyota Corolla TE31: 10.100 @ 120.000
Wesley Lewin, Engine: 1600 4age, Turbos: T61 Tires: Rear 26x10x15 MT ET drag. Front 22.5x4x15 MT ET Fr

2006 Mazda 3 : 10.150 @ 134.000
Vincent Tiaga, Engine: Mazda I4, Supercharger: na Turbos: na Tires: M&H

1985 Toyota Corolla : 10.400 @ 130.000
robinson alvarez, Engine: 1.8 pistones mazda .40 bore, Turbos: to3 Tires: 13x8 mickey thopson

1983 Toyota Corolla KE70 DX: 10.641 @ 136.000
Lars, Engine: Toyota 1UZFE V8 32V, Turbos: Single GT45 (china) Tires: MH 26x10x15 Mickey Thomson ET DRAG

1983 Toyota Corolla KE70: 10.641 @ 137.000
Lars Pedersen, Engine: Lexus 1U-ZFE, Turbos: GT45 Tires: 26/10/15 MT ET Drag

1973 Toyota Corolla : 10.710 @ 131.000
Juan Carlos (Platano), Engine: 1.8 3T, Turbos: T-66 Tires: M/T 26x8.5x15

1988 Toyota Corolla Levin GTZ: 10.889 @ 130.220
Barry Manon, Engine: 7agte, Supercharger: - Turbos: Master Power T58 Tires: M&H

1979 Toyota Corolla : 11.208 @ 123.000
roberto torres, Engine: 3tc, Turbos: to3/to4 Tires: 28.0/11.5

2005 Mazda 3 SP23: 11.659 @ 128.790
Kurt Scott, Engine: 2.3L, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: GT3582

2008 Mazda 3 mazdaspeed3: 11.682 @ 117.170
NJSPEED3, Engine: 2.3L mzr/disi , Turbos: T3 HTA3586 .82ar


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