SCDA Lime Rock Park, 7 Nov 09, Corolla runs Blue Group, session 3 (Part 2)

SCDA at Lime Rock Park, last event of the season on a great fall afternoon. Jon is instructing again, fun factor is high. First day in the Intermediate 1 group: faster cars and drivers, busy pointing people by, working on my line. As always, I am in my 93 stock Corolla (1.6L, 3 spd auto). My favorite track. Nice and flowing, fast in my low-hp car. Had as much fun as the first time I went (see the Aug 10 videos). Notice how at 1:40, I am a bit early at the 2nd apex exiting Big Bend and get on the throttle a little too eagerly: FWD car, understeer, left front wheel hits the dirt. Tried to unwind the wheel quickly, but still had a bit of steering lock left from the corner exit - enough for the difference in surface grip to catapult the car to the right, immediately breaking traction. Took quick opposite lock as soon as all 4 wheels were on the asphalt to catch and recover the car. Impressive lesson on what even a bit of steering lock does if your wheels are on different-grip surfaces.

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Stock Corolla vs Ferrari F430 at Lime Rock Park SCDA
Lime Rock Park, SCDA HPDE, 10 Aug 2009, last novice group run of the day. View from my stock '93 Corolla. The car in front of me is a Lotus Elise, in front of that is a Ferrari F430. Watch what happens... The car is a '93 base Corolla, stock engine, 1.6L 4AFE, 3-speed automatic. No modifications except grippy street tires, a pirate flag decal, and a go-faster-stripe. My instructor is Dave Gran, SCCA racer and Lime Rock track record holder. Check out his book at Thanks Dave, you were awesome!!!

Astrophysathingy's V8 laps at Mt Panorama
My gf Ivy gave me the most amazing birthday present - two hotlaps in a V8 racecar around Mt Panorama with FasTrack racing. Video credits go to Adrenaline Video. My driver was Kim "Assassin" Jane who races in the Aussie V8 Ute series. Since I am used to racecars, albeit slower ones, I asked him to not hold back in the beginning ("Two qualifying laps"). Notice my face - it was not scary at all, but very impressive; I was very tense, trying to be as attentive as possible with all senses, and make these 2 laps count, taking in every bit of the track, Kim's driving, and the way the car felt. It was fantastic & unforgettable. Thanks Ivy, Fastrack, Kim, and to Scott from Adrenaline. Hope to drive the track in a racecar myself one day!

Nurburgring Nordschleife in a Van - World's Fastest Plumber!
Meet Ian, Ring expert motor biker. When it is too wet for bikes, out comes his Vauxhall Plumbing & Heating van, a murderous machine, the terror of West Yorkshire!!! Watch Ian turn a perfect lap on the harrowing Nordschleife - in the rain! As everyone who has ever driven it knows, the Ring in the wet is more slippery than an olympic ice rink - after it has been used for an oiled-up bikini wrestling championship!!! At the end of an awe-inspiring lap, Ian had done a mind-boggling 12 min 50 sec bridge to gantry! That is uncharted territory for such vehicles in the rain. Riding along and commenting was Astrophysathingy, who had the ride of his life.

Front Wheel Drive tricks
A ford puma is used to instruct some cool moves.