87' Mazda RX7 Turbo II Quick Drive

Taking a quick drive in my turbo II after replacing the turbocharger

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S4 FC Mazda RX-7 Turbo II acceleration
doing a pull in my 2nd rx-7, only engine mods being emissions delete , TB plate delete, and hks filter, also does have an Exhaust leak before the turbo which is holding it back a little, hitting around 7psi just guessing by the mm/hg Boost gauge. car only has 86k original miles on it and it shows, this rotary runs well!

1988 rx7 turbo 2 - 2nd-4th gear pull
Just getting gas, ripping through some gears.

1990 Mazda RX7 Turbo II Starting Issues
In this video I show you my RX7 starting but not running. As you can see in the video the car starts up, has a very low idle, and then stalls. Engine is throwing one trouble code stating there is a problem with the split air bypass (3 long lights= 30). Here is the link where i found what the trouble code means: http://www.banzai-racing.com/FD&S5_error_codes.htm Specifics you should know: The car has 97,XXX miles on the chassis and has a replaced engine with I don't know how many miles on it. The engine appears to have S4 rotor housings and S5 everything else (due to knock sensor location(S4) and OMP type(S5)). The car has been sitting since 2002 and was found in a barn. I was told the car was running in 2011. Things I have done so far: I replaced the CAS, Igniters, spark plugs, and the fuel pump. I restored the injectors, cleaned the MAF, and put fresh oil in the engine. Here is my thread on RX7 club where i have gone into more detail on the issues with the car: http://www.rx7club.com/new-member-rx-7-technical-256/previous-owner-replace d-engine-im-trying-figure-out-whats-left-do-1054038/ I will really appreciate any input, advice, or pointers you guys can give me! Thanks, Joe

Turbo II Rx7 stock pull
Quick pull from 2nd on the 13b before ripping it out. Motor has 150k+ miles