Walk around of my 1985 Ford Econoline 150

Just a walk around of my van with a little bit of my toyota in it.

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1983 Ford Econoline E100 with 300 6 cylinder
My uncle aquired this van back in 1997 from a laundry company that used it to take and deliver laundry. My aunt uses the van in the winter time for getting around, while my uncle would use it for general purpose while the truck is hibernating for the winter. It use to have dull yellow paint, but my aunt colored it white with a thick blue pinstripe in the indentations on the sides. Engine: 300 cu-in. inline 6 120hp. Modifications: Larger cam, flowmaster Exhaust, LED turn signals. The Chevy 350 V8 in the back was the original engine that came out of the pickup and is slightly rebuilt. IT IS FOR SALE. It has an aluminum intake off an '84 Pontiac.

Ford Econoline E-150
Ford Econoline, Baujahr '83, neuer 302cui V8!!!!!

my 1987 ford econoline 150
shes big,shes heavy its too bad its not a chevy

ford custom van
ford custom van