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940 Engine Removal
Timelapse engine removal from a Volvo 940.

Full Length Volvette Intoduction from The Anti Team
This is the full lenght Volvette Intoduction from The Anti Team's 2008 Video. It has Burnouts, drag racing, the world famous top speed run and even a Top Gear parody skit by Dug Strickler & Brian Davis. See more at

Volvo 940 Turbo vs Ford Focus ST
2017 Ford Focus turbo VS 1992 Volvo 940 with a B230FT Engine. This is the same engine that I swapped into my 1978 Volvo 242, named Larry. I met both of these great guys on Craigslist. That Focus is a fun car, making 252 horsepower at 3223 lbs. The 940 weighs somewhere around 3100 lbs, and probably makes close to 200 horsepower with the turbo. The only loser here is the AW71 automatic transmission.  SUBSCRIBE!  INSTAGRAM @MrDavidBello  Music is "No Comments" by Meizong  THANKS FOR WATCHING!

V8 Volvo
My 400 HP Volvo. Running for the first time after sitting for a year...