CI5 The Professionals- Season 2 Episode 3- Opening Scene

CI5 The Professionals is one of the most cult tv series was ever made. They are no police, no military. An English secret invatigate and anti terrorism squad. If you enjoy to watch Ford Capri,M16,AK47,Uzi,Snipers,Bombs and more come and taste it. -------------------------------- Season 2 Episode 3 THE RACK : An incident at CI5 has the authorities believing that Doyle killed a suspect. CI5's always had enemies and this is their perfect excuse to shut it down... Go go go! Cowley Bodie & Doyle ----------------------------------- Yojimbooo CI5 Fan - Istanbul

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The Professionals - Bodie & Doyle "Bloopers"
There are no outtakes on any of the Pros DVD's. Reason why must be the need to keep shooting film, no matter what mistakes happened. Retakes must have been costly thirty years back, so they kept going on filming. As far as I know there are only three 'real' outtakes (why they don't appear on the DVD's is a mystery to me). So watch out the eps for more bloopers, there are plenty of them ;) I collected some and hope you enjoy! Note: I (unfortunately) don't own the lads. All rights are reserved to those entitled and not me. This is a completely non-profit fan-made video created for entertainment purposes only

the professionals the race! Bodie´s Capri 3,0S
Fan vid, fasten your seat-bells... Bodie is driving !!!!!! A Capri Vid.

Los Profesionales (1977) Episodio I (Subtitulado)
Serie de TV (1977-1983). La serie sigue la vida de Bodie y Doyle, agentes del CI5 británico (Inteligencia criminal 5), y su director, George Cowley. El rol del CI5 era combatir el terrorismo y similares crímenes de alto rango. La relación entre Bodie y Doyle es generalmente conflictiva, pero al ser los mejores agentes en su campo, Cowley siempre les asignaba los casos más complicados.

The Professionals - some funny scenes
Some funny scenes from various episodes I like a lot