350Z vs. 2G talon vs. 91 Laser RS highway race

Z is bolt ons. Talon is 16g turbo, 550CC inj., frontmount IC, tubular manifold & 3 inch Exhaust, UNTUNED (15psi). Laser is 16g, 2G manifold, turboback 3 inch ex. (14-15psi). Talon started in third which is why he got spanked...lol

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laser rs vs gst
import face off san antonio

16g powerd 2g dsm runs 11.9 @120mph .
2 runs in my 16g e85 2g at pir Vs wrx and a cts-v

16g laser vs. 18g gsx
went to mexico and gots some footage of racing. The laser is untuned and the gsx has some goodies.

Talon vs. 350Z
350Z sucks....