Mini Straight through Exhaust

just thought i would keep a visual of what it sounded like before it came of the road for some work.

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Starting the beast (might be too loud)
This my first ever video and not sure if it good. Just starting my mini up so people know how loud it can be and to show it does start. The smoke is from it running too rich as l'm running it on cheap fuel atm so more additive is needed.

Classic mini exhaust note (with flames) - 1986 mini with 1275 MG Metro engine
1275cc MG Metro engine with big valve head, HIF44 carb, mild steel RC40 Exhaust 1986 mini city

classic mini exhaust quill bike exhaust
Classic mini neon 998 with quill bike Exhaust running too lean after video I tune it up a runs fine.Also the Exhaust is blowing.

Classic Mini Straight-pipe Cherry Bomb
1991 Rover mini 998cc with a LCB manifold, 2" straight pipe to a Cherry bomb silencer.