Wisconsin International Raceway 5/1/09

Random Clips from WIR on 5/1/09. Includes some nice muscle cars, drag cars, imports, bikes and snowmobiles in the 1/4 mile. Since it was a Real Street Drag night the only time that's posted is on the first run.

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185 Mph, 297 Kmh Pass Crash, Outlaw Pro Mods, Dunn-Benson NC
Horrible Wreck, as far as I know driver had minor injuries including bruised up legs he was sitting by his trailer minutes later, let me know if you have more info for me to post, Thanx! Outlaw Pro Mods & Pro Street 275 Drag Radials Event @ Dunn-Benson NC Dragstrip, Jun 1-st, 2013

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Blue Race Crash - Wisconsin International Raceway
I caught this crash in turns 3&4 during the "Blue Race" of the "Red, White & Blue Series" For the Fox River Racing Club at Wisconsin Int'l Raceway.

Wisconsin International Raceway, August 5, 2008
Kyle Busch is here at Wisconsin International Raceway! Car Number 51