Nissan GT-R drag 1/4 mile

Steve's Nissan GT-R hits the track for the first time. The car features mild upgrades in the way of larger fuel injectors, titanium mid pipes and a cob multi tune for both 98-unleaded and E85 fuels. The R35 ran an easy 10-second pass on the first attempt of the day but due to Calder Park safety regulations Steve had to back off early as cars running quicker than 11.00 require a roll cage.

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Ford Falcon V8 440ci - Dandy Engines
Arty's XY Falcon runs a best pass of 9.78 at 138mph driven to and from the track in full street trim. The Ford is powered by a Dandy Engines naturally aspirated V8 440ci Windsor 98-octane pump fuel engine.

Heathcote Raceway - August 5th
Compilation footage from Heathcote Park Raceway August 5th. Action includes HSV's and Commodores from the HP-F drag day plus others.

9-second Ford XR6 turbo by MC2
Mario's Ford Falcon XR6 turbo has run a best time of 9.72 over the quarter mile and is powered by an MC2 Automotive rebuilt 4L turbo six engine, Boosted by a Precision turbocharger and tuned by APS. Ford Falcon BA XR6 turbo 4L DOHC engine built by MC2 Automotive Precision 6870 turbo @ 27psi Preston Automatics Powerglide trans Facotry IRS with upgraded axles & TruTrac diff Power: 590kW / 791hp @ wheels Best ET: 9.72 @ 144mph Tuned by: APS Frankston Heathcote Park Raceway, Australia - July 18th 2015 Get your track gear! Follow us on social media @ Google+ Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram

Calder Park turbos - 25/08/12
Variety of cars including Nissan Silvia's, Skyline GT-R's, Ford Territory, Holden VL Commodore's and more.