Chevy Volt 2011 Test Drive

PCMag Editor-in-Chief Lance Ulanoff takes GM's Chevy Volt 2011 electric car on a test drive through the streets of New York.

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Chevrolet Volt (II) : Premières impressions au volant
Renaud Roubaudi nous emmène à bord de la Chevrolet Volt dans les rues de Detroit. Première voiture électrique avec un générateur d'autonomie. Janvier 2011. Découvrez Petites Observations Automobile :

Chevrolet Volt Concept talks with a GM representative about their all-electric concept car, the Volt. GM promises that the car, which is still years away from production, will plug right into an outlet in your house. Like what you see? Follow!   Subscribe now to get the latest YouTube videos from    On Facebook: On Twitter:  On Instagram:   More reviews:   The latest car news:

Real World Test Drive Chevy Volt 2011
It's the most anticipated piece of technology since the iPod. Grant Winter takes us for a Real World Test Drive of the Chevy Volt:

2011 Chevrolet Volt front and side crash tests | Consumer Reports
Insurance Institute Test Results: Frontal offset: Good Side impact: Good Performance in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's crash tests is one factor in Consumer Reports' recommendations for new and used vehicles. Other criteria are CR testing & reliability ratings, plus government safety test results.