C63 AMG Black Series INSANE BURNOUT and REVS!!!

I have filmed a New Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series Coupe which performed 1 Insane Burnout where the drivers warm their tyres up. I think the tyres were nice and warm after this burnout. The car was also revving making some good sounds for the crowds. I also had a chance to look at one of these cars up close as there was one on display in the Mercedes section at Goodwood, and I have to say I do love it! Also funnily enough this exact car was parked right near where I live a few weeks later. Strange coincidence!

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This video consists of what I think to be the best Arab supercars in London during this summer so far, and for the terrible weather we've had I'd say it's been pretty good. Includes a number of Veyrons, Aventadors, 599's, and many more! Enjoy!

Turquoise LP670 SV w/ LOUD TUBI EXHAUST !!
This car can often be seen driving round London, but had always been too quiet for an SV. However now he has a new Exhaust system which makes it seriously loud! I don't know if you noticed but the SV written on the side is now black whereas before being the colours of the Italian flag, and now has those Italian flag colours as a stripe up the front of the car. I hope to get more footage of this in the coming weeks, so stay posted! SupercarChannel92.

ARAB CHROME Blue TRON Lamborghini Aventador in London!!
So one of the craziest Arab cars to arrive into London this summer is this chrome blue Lamborghini Aventador with Tron lines. I have to say it looks pretty good, definitely turning a lot of heads! What are your thoughts on the wrap? Better than the purple one a few years back?

Arab Lamborghini Aventador SV hits London!!
So my 1st Aventador SV on the streets is this stunning red one in London from Qatar. In the video you can hear it startup and drive round the streets of Knightsbridge.