Ford Fiesta MK4 Diesel 1.8D Cold Start -2

Me starting my Ford Fiesta MK4 1.8 Diesel in -2. First turn of the key.

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Ford Fiesta 1.8D Cold Start

Ford Fiesta 1.8d cold start problem.
Hi, this is how my mum's Fiesta starts when it's cold outside after a night ofc. Any suggestions or solutions for this will be appreciated.

HOW TO: Ford Fiesta Clutch Change, 1.8 diesel non turbo
Video and time lapses of changing a clutch on a fiesta diesel! You will need annotations ON to see the notes on what I am doing!

2002 Ford fiesta 1.8 turbo diesel endura-DE
Ford fiesta 1.8 turbo diesel endura-DE 75 hp 2002 5-doors, exterior, interior and sound.