My Collection of Plastic Model Cars & Trucks by Fredachinnie64

Whazzzzzuppppp Homies??? Hope everyone made it in time for Fastjimmy71"s contest. I can't wait to see all the entry's. I just wanted to share some of my collection of plastic model cars and trucks. I hope that you will enjoy this video as much as I did making it. I'm no movie producer that's for sure. Much Luv to all My Friends & Subscribers. Once I get settled in my new place in a few weeks I will start with some new projects. Good luck to all the modelers who entered the contest. Peace!!!

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model car collection
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Wrecked model cars
Wrecked model cars

More models ,some built with in last couple years,some built 20 or more yrs ago,some finished,some not.I hav to getm all done somday.A lot ov da ones on shelves neer end of vid r going to be in the junkyard.I wanted to film a few more but my dog woulnt let me.

NNL East 2011 Car Model Show Part 3
Last video of the NNL East. I found more footage of the show. I knew I had it. Just couldn't find it. Here you go part 3. Ejoy!