My Collection of Plastic Model Cars & Trucks by Fredachinnie64

Whazzzzzuppppp Homies??? Hope everyone made it in time for Fastjimmy71"s contest. I can't wait to see all the entry's. I just wanted to share some of my collection of plastic model cars and trucks. I hope that you will enjoy this video as much as I did making it. I'm no movie producer that's for sure. Much Luv to all My Friends & Subscribers. Once I get settled in my new place in a few weeks I will start with some new projects. Good luck to all the modelers who entered the contest. Peace!!!

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My Entry for Fastjimmy71 & CTspeedshops's Contest, 53 Gasser!
Whassupp Homies!! Happy Halloween!! Hope all ur little ghosts & gobblins had fun tonight! Here is my project. It took 36 straight hrs to build,, many cups of coffee, and a few pain killers but, here it is!! I hope you guys like it!! To all the MCF,, you are all winers in my book. Every entry I've seen is a winner!! You all got some sick & crazy skilz!!! Keep On Being Creative! Thanks to Fastjimmy71 & to CTspeedshop for having this awesome and challenging contest! Peace!!! Freddy

My Darker Collection Of 1/24 Plastic Model Cars by Fredachinnie64
A major shout out to all my friends & subcribers, I am greatful for all the great comments from all of you. Thank You Bigtime!!! I put this clip together to show some of my Darker Side of my collection. The 55' Chevy's Body is reconstructed, the original had no door outlines from the kit, so the body was sawed and reglued to give it that "back yard build" look, sorry bout' the dust, gives it that stored in the garage look. The Hears is a year in the works. The kit is a very vintage 68' Jo-han ambulance/rescue squad. The chassis is completely scratch built. I cut up the original frame and modified it with an old fire truck frame and did a lot of fabricating to get it straight. The coffin is also scratch built from the running boards of the same fire truck junker, as is the sliding rack. The rear end is narrowed, the inner quarters and rear 4 link suspension are scratch built. Too many hours to even remember, this one burned me out for some time, but will be completer soon! Thanks for watching!

Model kit car collection
Some of my build model kit cars, in 1:24 and 1:25 scale. Yes, I know some of them are still missing details at the time of the photoshoot. I tend to be a bit hasty taking pics, before the final details are in place. The song is Mount Marilyn with the band Tiamat. Please feel free to comment.

model car collection
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