GT-88 408 Trans Am vs Red Dragon Silverado

Mexico racing

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GTR RED DRAGONSLAYER "GTR vs Turbo LSX "Red Dragon" Truck.
GTC, Jacks Transmissions GTR vs LSX turbo "red dragon pickup". GTR- Stock manifold turbo upgrade, Jacks Drag 800 Trans, AMS cast downpipes, BL mid pipe, Stock Exhaust, stock compression, stock heads / cams / valve train / intake manifold, Stock Exhaust.. Red Dragon Truck- Larry Larson Fab work, Big frame XXXmm turbo, LSX motor, Air/Water Intercooler, Lexan windows, not sure cubic inches or compression.. Agreed to dig race, ended up letting in to a roll race that the GTR was supposed to get the "jump" on, but the video shows truck left while a car out front. Still solid runs! Great trip to mexico!!! looking fwd to more soon! Not sure why video got removed previously.

LSX 408 vs SBF 408
Jeff vs old man Lloyds

Brand new Silverado in water at, ramp total loss
Poor guy lost his brand new 2016 Silverado in the water. Truck slid down the ramp on the slime at 5th St boat ramp in lakeport ca

Stangkilr Productions Presents: Red Dragon, 1994 LS powered turbo Silverado.
1994 1500 Forged 370ci LQ9 custom cam Trickflow heads Vic Jr intake 160lb injectors X275 88mm Precision turbo air/water Intercooler TH400 PTC converter stock rear end/leaf springs stock front suspension 1275rwhp.