GT-88 408 Trans Am vs Red Dragon Silverado

Mexico racing

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GTR RED DRAGONSLAYER "GTR vs Turbo LSX "Red Dragon" Truck.
GTC, Jacks Transmissions GTR vs LSX turbo "red dragon pickup". GTR- Stock manifold turbo upgrade, Jacks Drag 800 Trans, AMS cast downpipes, BL mid pipe, Stock Exhaust, stock compression, stock heads / cams / valve train / intake manifold, Stock Exhaust.. Red Dragon Truck- Larry Larson Fab work, Big frame XXXmm turbo, LSX motor, Air/Water Intercooler, Lexan windows, not sure cubic inches or compression.. Agreed to dig race, ended up letting in to a roll race that the GTR was supposed to get the "jump" on, but the video shows truck left while a car out front. Still solid runs! Great trip to mexico!!! looking fwd to more soon! Not sure why video got removed previously.

Spike 10.5 (Silverado w/408 & 200 shot)
Spike 10.5 (Silverado w/408 & 200 shot)

The Silver Streak | fly by videos

91mm Camaro, Turbo Silverado, GSXR1000
A whole bunch of Mexico racing.