Fiat 500 - The Car's the Star pt1

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Fiat 500 - The Car's the Star pt2

The Car's the Star - Fiat 500
The Car's the Star was een Britse televisie serie over klassieke auto's gepresenteerd door Quentin Willson. In elke aflevering wordt een auto uitgebreid behandeld aan de hand vaan een biografie beschreven door Wilson afgewisseld met interviews met eigenaren van auto's.

Driving a vintage Fiat 500
What's it like to drive a living legend? We hop behind one of the world's most popular cars to find out.

The Car's The Star - VW Camper
Twenty minute UK TV programme all about the classic VW camper. a great book about buying campers. The absolute best thing about a classic camper is every £1000 spent on the purchase now will return you £1050 in a year. Buy it, love it, use it, treat it well and when you come to sell you'll find the prices on these only ever rise, and usually at a percentage well above ISA interest rates. A classic dub camper is one heck of an investment. The book linked to above is a superb guide to buying, if you just go for a camper you like the look of, you may not end up getting the best value buy. There's one word to look out for on 40+ year old campers - rust!