Ice T Baller's Garage

Ice T in unnamed friends garage..

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The Auto123 Show 25x02 - CEC's "Evil Mini"
After getting a general sense of what Miami's CEC Tuning Center is all about last week, this week, our 'Made to Order' series continues with a look at a specfic project from their garage: an 'Evil Mini!' Chat with Donna and follow her automotive adventures on !

Ice T talkin Raw about his ONYX Bentley GTO
ONYX Concept & Ice T talkin Raw about his Bentley GTO

Rapper Ice T's wifes Car Asknathaniel features some custom cars at Action Tire Custom Lifestyles in Lodi,NJ & Ice T's Wife Coco was there getting some enhancements On her Cadillac CTS (Coco Edition) 3.5

Ice T Cars Collection 2015
Ice T Cars Collection 2015