Ion Redline vs Subaru STI

Ion, stage 2, ZZP 2.9 pulley,ZZP header Catted ZZP 3in down pipe, borla Xr1 muffler 3in. bad stage 3 clutch. hp tuners tune. K&N CAI, 42lb injectors. STI, tune. up pipe,CAI, full Exhaust, the rest is unknown he runs 12.6's@109 i run 14.1@110. 40MPH roll

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saturn ion redline vs. subaru sti
good race!!

06 ion redline vs gt mustangs
my 06 ion redline 2.9 pulley 42# injectors k&n cai borla cat back ingalls torque damper Mustangs stock

Saturn ION Redline Stage 2 Acceleration
Quick 45-95 run in my Saturn ION Redline with intake, Exhaust, progress rear sway bar, and GMPP Stage 2. All parts (except stage 2) are from

SRT4 Neon Stage 3 vs Stage 2 Saturn Ion Redline
Neon was holding 18 lbs Boost/full bolt ons with race tune Saturn is 15 lbs Boost/few bolt ons with mild tune I got walked, but the guys turned out to be real cool. Gave each other compliments then we