Alien electric guitar

A tubular electric guitar from a crashed alien spacecraft ;-). This one has 22 frets to the octave (31 total). Hutch had never played a 22-tone guitar before, or a tubular one! He plays Henry Mancini's theme from Peter Gunn (or Blues Brothers or Planet Claire) followed by a basic 12 bar blues shuffle in E. See for more info and photos. Creator's home page

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Lo strumento rivelazione del Winter NAMM 2011, non una banale chitarra MIDI, non il classico prodotto che vuole sostituire le chitarre tradizionali, ma una vera e propria rivoluzione che unisce un touch pad multifunzione, per il caricamento dei preset, l'editing dei suoni e degli effetti in tempo reale mentre si suona in diverse modalità uno o più suoni della wave table integrata. MISA DIGITAL KITARA è quindi un guitar synth, con uscita MIDI e presa USB per suonare anche i tuo istrumenti virtuali su computer, o i tuoi sintetizzatori o campionatori MIDI hardware stand-alone. L'uscita Jack da ¼" è di tipo TRS, per consentire la riproduzione in stereo dei suoni integrati nel prodotto e degli eventuali effetti applicati agli stessi. Già, MISA KITARA ha vari suoni integrati e il suo motore di sintesi e processing è completamente programmabile, aperto e modificabile mediante un'editor per OS Linux. Per info: chnology-news-recensioni/synth-drum-machine-sampler/misa-digital-instrument s-kitara-winter-namm-2011.shtml

How to make a cigar box style electric guitar
This is a guitar I made based on the cigar box guitar used by the early blues players. It is made using easy to find materials and basic tools. For more information about this project go here: ic.html For more scrap wood projects visit my blog

SWIRLING(Yellow & Black Custom Guitar) Hey guys this was the 1st Swirl video i did and now reached over 13 Million views. This is one of over 90 Swirl videos i have now on You Tube THIS YELLOW & BLACK SWIRLED GUITAR IS THE MOST VISITED AND VIEWED SWIRLING VIDEO ON YOUTUBE & on the web!! Just like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all the positive comments & Subscribers and feed back over the last few years,WOW,WOW,WOW NOW over 13 MILLION views & counting,keep SUBSCRIBING we have lots MORE TO COME,WE ARE ALSO ON FACEBOOK,Twitter!! Once again Many Thanks to you all!! Another Guitar Swirl still practicing to get technic right hope you like. If you go to my you tube channel you will see THIS Yellow & Black Swirled Guitar fully finished,clear coated,polished to a high gloss & with all the fittings and hardware.We also have a video of this Guitar being played any comments appreciated thanks!! Luthier Darrel Westray Swirling and finishing DeanSwirled

Girl plays three instruments at once! AMAZING!!
This girl plays three instruments all at the same time - very impressive. Be intelligent: