California Stingrays PCH to Solvang C3 Corvette Cruise

This is the first Annual C3 and C2 only Corvette cruise ...... Last saturday of April cruise California Stingrays PCH to Solvang C3 C2 Corvette Cruise 2011-a

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Building a 1974 C3 resto-mod corvette in 8 minutes
It took me all summer to make the video, almost longer then it took to build the car. She has been out all summer and is a blast to drive. The car started life as a 1974 350 auto power brake power steering car we now call it a PEZ dispenser as it attempts to tear heads off.

Modified '72 Corvette on highway
The camera car is doing right at 70 mph and I never dropped below 4th gear. Most of the time I'm cruising in 6th at about 1,800 RPM's. Some of the takeoffs were done in 5th. Just trying to hear the sidepipes at different RPM's

C3 Corvette 355 Chassis Dyno Pull #1

Corvette C3 1969